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The liver sausage is a typically spreadable, occasionally sliceable cooked sausage made with meat, fat, liver and the right spices, and it comes in a plethora of variants. The taste is determined by the right liver sausage seasoning.

In our part of the world, the liver sausage is a light snack. It is best enjoyed on fresh farmhouse bread or sliced with pickles and pickled onions as a snack. Especially firm liver sausages can be sliced and seared or heated in boiling water. One variation of the liver sausage is the pâté, a delicacy enjoyed in France and Belgium since the Renaissance.

We are your manufacturer and supplier for liver sausage seasoning. Learn more about the variety of flavours of our pâté and liver sausage seasoning.

Our liver sausage seasoning types at a glance

The liver sausage is one of the most popular sausage types in Europe, not least because of its great variety of flavours. It´s taste often depends on regional influences, and the selection of liver sausage specialties is bigger than almost any other sausage type. From coarse to fine, from the Thuringian liver sausage to the Zeppelin sausage from Frankfurt – bring out the authentic taste of your liver sausage products with the right liver sausage seasoning from the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.

While light spices such as white pepper, ginger, mace and vanilla are predominant in fine liver sausage varieties, coarse liver sausages impress with intense liver sausage seasoning blends containing black pepper, marjoram, nutmeg and onions. For fine liver pâtés and terrines made with beef, pork, venison and poultry, mainly the warm aromas of cardamom, allspice and cinnamon are used.

Due to a great variety and regional influences, each liver sausage seasoning is unique and can hardly be assigned a clear category.

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers the full range of liver sausage seasoning to match your specific needs and your customers’ tastes.

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Type 1:

Pure seasoning

Type 2:

Seasoning with a flavour enhancer

Type 3:

Seasoning with technology

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Liver sausage seasoning type 1 | Pure seasoning

ELIDEX® CL: With ELIDEX® CL, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers a liver sausage seasoning for fine delicatessen and veal liver sausages – a benchmark for many competitors in the seasoning industry. The unique seasoning blend with fine vanilla gives your liver sausage a particularly mild flavour and puts the liver bitterness in the background. The ELIDEX® liver sausage seasoning also serves as the basis for many creamy pâtés.

Interested? We are your supplier for liver sausage seasoning of all types! Learn more about our pure liver sausage seasoning. You can contact our experts at any time.

Liver sausage seasoning type 2 | Seasoning with a flavour enhancer

ZWIEBLING®: The popular and rustic ZWIEBLING® has been one of the top sellers in the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S liver sausage seasoning range for more than 30 years. The ZWIEBLING® is one of the best-known coarse liver sausages in Germany, with a unique herbal flavour of marjoram, lovage, onions, pepper and coriander. A real classic in the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S range. Its original recipe is still highly popular today. The ZWIEBLING® liver sausage seasoning is available with and without flavour enhancers, and as a complete preparation with an emulsifier and a reddening agent. The liver sausage seasoning for the intense ZWIEBLING® is original and available exclusively from us, and so are the ZWIEBLING® casing and the right know-how.

Order your liver sausage seasoning from the inventor of the ZWIEBLING®.

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ZWIEBLING® original recipe


20 kg S VIII cooked, not cured
20 kg S IV cooked, not cured
20 kg S XII pork head skin
25 kg pork liver, raw
15 kg onions, steamed
20 g/kg nitrite curing salt
18 g/kg M2340 ZWIEBLING® FRIOSAFE® Liver Sausage with Herbs and Onion
3 g/kg M7760 OPTIMIX® Soft Liver Sausage Emulsifier
2 g/kg M7480 LEBERFIT® Debittering Agent
1 g/kg M7420 FARBFEST® for enhanced reddening

Production recommendations

  1. Remove bile ducts from the liver. Boil the pork heads at 100°C, debone and sort.
  2. Weigh the neck fat and pork bellies and scald at 85°C to a core temperature of 68°C. Peel the onions, cut into pieces and blanch in water or fry gently in a pan with butter.
  3. Weigh the material again after cooking and determine the cooking loss. Compensate for the cooking loss with fat-free boiler broth (approx. 5%).
  4. Next, mince the cooked material with the onions and the liver through the 3 mm disc. Mix in the seasoning, salt and all MOGUNTIA ingredients evenly.
  5. Fill into Zwiebling® casings.
  6. Scald for approx. 45 minutes at 75-80°C, cool in lukewarm to cold water.

Liver sausage seasoning type 3 | Seasoning with technology

PERLET® ELIDEX® is a granulated complete product and one of the few liver sausage compounds to combine culinary and meat technologies.

The emulsification is based on the granulation process used for soups and sauces, and ELIDEX® delivers the right flavour.

This means cooking naturally to a large extent, without adding fatty acids such as monoglycerides and diglycerides. What is more, flavour enhancers, liver debittering and reddening agents are already integrated.

Are you familiar with our functional ingredients for liver sausage production?

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Deliver the desired balanced flavour with the right liver sausage seasoning. Make your liver sausage products even safer and a real treat for the palate with our functional ingredients and additives. We will gladly advise you!

OPTIMIX®: This series ensures safety and consistently high quality of your liver sausage. With the OPTIMIX® emulsifiers, fat and jelly deposits in liver sausage production are a thing of the past.

LEBERFIT®: Liver debittering agents are a special kind of flavour enhancers. LEBERFIT® suppresses the undesirable bitter flavour of the liver and makes your liver sausage even more pleasing to the palate. Even bitter substances in frozen liver do not stand a chance with our liver debittering agents.

The right seasoning for every liver sausage

The unique taste of the popular cooked sausage depends on the right liver sausage seasoning. The selection ranges from mild delicatessen, veal and cream to slightly spicy truffle to intensely flavoured liver sausages. Homemade, farmhouse and crackling liver sausages are particularly zesty. The liver sausage comes with a variety of flavours and seasonings. Its consistency, on the other hand, remains identical for almost all liver sausage specialties. The liver sausage is usually spreadable, and there are only a few firm liver sausage variants.

Whether the Aachen Christmas liver sausage or spicy country liver sausage, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is your supplier for the right liver sausage seasoning.

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We can do much more than just liver sausage seasoning

The generic term “cooked sausage” means products in which the starting material is typically pre-cooked. The consistency varies, as do colour, appearance and ingredients. There are a large number of different cooked sausages on the market.

Cooked sausages vary in terms of:

However, a basic distinction is made between:

liver sausage, blood sausage and jellied brawn

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