MOGUNTIA was founded in 1903 by Friedrich Buchholz and was known as a typical brand that had come out of the butcher trade.  Due to the thriving economy, our company group developed further. After that our company was joined by other brands. In 2017 these brands were subsumed under the umbrella organisation MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP. The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a high quality supplier of foods of all kinds. With our different brands we offer our customers a broad portfolio of products. That means we can address a variety of target groups in the different product ranges.

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Moguntia is the original brand that was founded in 1903 by Friedrich Buchholz. Even today the brand stands for top quality in the butcher trade. From sausage seasoning, technological aids and delicatessen to a range of products for the front counter, the butcher can find everything that the heart desires.

INDASIA Kernlogo

Indasia is the brand that concentrates on the entire counter convenience sector in the food retail trade, from marinades and dry seasonings to counter concepts in the area of service counter, Indasia offers a “carefree package”.

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The brand HAYA has arisen from central purchasing and offers high quality raw materials.

Natures Store Logo with Leaf

The brand Nature´s Store originally came from Great Britain and specializes on „free from“products. These products are free from lactose and gluten and represent a modern and contemporary nutritional concept. Nature’s Store is very well known in Britain as all the well known supermarkets like Tesco and Morrison’s have these products in their range.


Fleischer is the end consumer brand exclusive for the butcher. It specializes in high quality convenience products that perfectly complement the core range of a butcher.  In that way the quality standards in respect to the customer are assured and an ideal shopping experience has been created.

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Fosters is the brand for traditional English foods. They have the well known marmalade in their product line, as well as English cakes and biscuits and even sweets that are consumed with preference in the English speaking world.

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FK Food Solutions is a consulting company that deals with in-depth analysis and research of the food market. They are able to work out specific competitive advantages for the individual customers.