The sustainability concept of the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP

Abbildung zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit

As a family-owned group with a strong foothold in Germany and Austria, we not only see it as our obligation to deliver quality products, but also take our responsibility for the environment and future generations very seriously.

Sustainability is integral to our philosophy and involves long-term security of our business, taking into account economic factors, environmental protection, social responsibility and transparent communication with clients and consumers. By conserving energy, water and resources, we play our part in securing a future for our business, while preserving a liveable environment for future generations.

We also regularly check raw materials and manufacturing processes for their environmental compatibility. The annual audits of key suppliers take into account technical and commercial aspects as well as social and environmental factors.

We believe that sustainable success requires responsibility. There is no Planet B.

Our commitment to sustainability

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• Using raw materials with as little pre-processing as possible
• Avoiding pesticides wherever possible

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• Logical packaging systems, space-saving and recyclable for optimal transport and warehouse utilisation
• Introduction of a resource-saving and hygienic stand-up pouch
• Smart machinery operation and maintenance for optimised energy consumption

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• Reducing CO2 emissions with modern solar technology
• CHP unit

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• Treatment system to return clean water to the environment
• Using groundwater to save energy while cooling buildings and production facilities