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Wild: dieses Bild zeigt ein leckeres Wildgulasch

MOGUNTIA FOOD SERVICE presents seasonal highlights

Warm soups and mushrooms return to the menu, as the year ends. The hunting season has started and because of this, the desire for regional venison recipes has returned. The perfect sides for the luxury meat are mushrooms, onions, and dumplings. The right sauces and stocks should not be missing either.

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Tailor-made solutions for the prevention of malnutrition

If there is a loss of appetite due to illness or age, this can quickly lead to unwanted weight loss. People suffering from dementia and cancer patients are often affected. But also swallowing difficulties and diseases in the gastrointestinal tract can lead to a temporarily or permanently insufficient intake of calories and vital nutrients. We have addressed this issue with our energyPLUS range.

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Original Pepperoni Pizza

Original Pepperoni Pizza is a real bestseller! Interested customers find the perfect production formula, the right starter culture, matching maturing compounds and seasoning mixtures for the manufacture of the authentic salami for Pizza Pepperoni at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP. The company group’s new flyer also explains how the typical mistakes: cupping, burning and oiling out – can be avoided in the production process.

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dieses Bild zeigt ein Steak auf einem Grill

BBQ Season 2021

True BBQ masters can only laugh when they hear the term „BBQ season“. For them a BBQ is not a
summer event, they light the grill in ice and snow. „Especially during Covid times, winter BBQ fun has become a real trend.

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