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In our offer you will find everything for your butchery needs. Our product portfolio ranges from spices for the production of high-quality cold meats, to delicacies, an attractive range of front counter assortment, right through to the ideal ingredients for the cooking butcher! Add some character to your products with our cold meat seasoning.  You can also optimise your products with our starter cultures. We would like to help you perfect your trade. You can also complement your high-quality butcher’s offer with the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP assortment, as our common goal is to ensure the highest quality and the best service possible. Choose a flavoursome solution from the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.


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Our custom recipes tailored to your exact needs will contribute to your success. Get creative and allow us to develop a product just for you.

Gewürze und verschiedene Küchenutensilien

This offer is available starting from a certain annual purchase volume. In collaboration with our product development and product management departments, you get the opportunity to create high-quality flavour solutions suited specifically to your wishes and requirements. The custom solutions come in a variety of product forms:


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Exclusively in your butcher’s shop

For over 70 years, the Fleischer brand with its vast assortment has been well known in the butcher’s trade. Under this brand, we offer flavoursome solutions for your end customers, such as soups, sauces, ready-made products, soup add-ins, pasta, delicacies and desserts. Since we rely on select ingredients for an extraordinary taste experience, our products should definitely find their way into your specialty shop, as delivering the highest quality for the customer is our common goal. Learn more about the broad range of Fleischer products.

Fleischer - Unsere Endverbrauchermarke

Our assortment philosophy

For more than 115 years, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has been a partner to the meat industry. As a family-run group, we feel connected to the regional meat trade. We not only witnessed the transition from the traditional butcher’s shop to the modern local supplier, but also made a significant contribution with innovative product ideas.

Meat and cold meats production

The fresh product counter is at the centre of each butcher’s shops, and we support this idea with our cold meat spices, starter cultures, diverse compounds and recipes.


The modern butcher’s shop complements its assortment with kitchen-ready preparations such as fry-ups, marinated grill meats and skewers.


Under this brand, we offer ingredients with a high degree of convenience for the needs of the cooking butcher. This covers business area such as hot foods, takeaway and party service.

Front counter

FLEISCHER is an exclusive brand for the butcher’s shop, with its assortment ranging from sauces, ready-made products, to side dishes, BBQ rubs and delicacy articles.

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