Spice up your cold meats with our seasoning

Wurstgewürze: dieses Bild zeigt eine Platte mit verschiedenen Wurstsorten

High-yield seasoning blends in a standardised high quality for raw sausages, scalded sausages, cooked sausages and more. Ideally balanced and flavour-preserving for the desired authentic taste of the end protect. Deliver the right taste for your customers with the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S cold meat seasonings.

Our cold meat seasonings at a glance

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers a wide variety: Cold meat seasonings for every application, taste and occasion – for the industry and the craftsman.
This makes us your ideal cold meat seasoning manufacturer!

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Bratwurst seasoning

Bratwurst-Gewürz - auf diesem Bild sieht man Bratwürstchen in der Pfanne

Whether a classic Rostbratwurst, an original Merguez, onion sausage or a traditional Munich weisswurst, you will find the right seasoning preparations for all kinds of bratwurst and weisswurst in our wide range.

Liver sausage seasoning

Leberwurst-Gewürze: dieses Bild zeigt ein Brot, was mit unserer ZWIEBLING® Leberwurst

The liver sausage is a typically spreadable, occasionally sliceable cooked sausage made with meat, fat, liver and the right spices, and it comes in a plethora of variants. The taste is determined by the right liver sausage seasoning.

Raw sausage seasoning

Rohwurst-Gewürze: dieses Bild zeigt Salamis

Europe has a long tradition of raw sausage production, which is also reflected in the raw sausage varieties. To get the right flavour into your products, you need the right raw sausage seasoning.

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Rohwurst-Gewürze: dieses Bild zeigt verschiedene Rohwürste