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Summary of the future market developments

For the success of your business, it is recommended that you have an overview of the current and future developments in the market. Even if the future can never be completely predicted, those who can assess it better than others have a competitive advantage.

The possibility to analyse large amounts of data with sophisticated forecasting models allows the experts at the Moguntia Food Group to identify future trends very reliably. Thanks to machine learning, our forecasting models are adaptive, and the longer they are used for, the better they become. This means that our market analytics are clearly superior to heuristic assumptions or “gut feeling”. The team will gladly assist you in securing your entrepreneurial decisions by reliable methods.

Percentage of organic foods in Germany

up to 2017
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Four out of five buy organic

Organic or conventional: which foods are in your shopping basket?
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Who eats what?

Proportions of respondents who have the following diet:

From information to forecast

Through digitisation, humanity is generating an unimaginable and unstructured flood of data that cannot be recorded, stored and analysed with conventional IT solutions anymore. However, this same data is the key for predicting company relevant developments accurately. The Moguntia Food Group knows how to make use of the potentially big data because we use suitable algorithms and technologies that allow us to select relevant data from your data pool, display it graphically and derive correlations.
Private Label - Verpackungsmöglichkeit Beipacker


Private Label - Verpackungsmöglichkeit Beipacker
Private Label - Verpackungsmöglichkeit Beipacker
Private Label - Verpackungsmöglichkeit Beipacker

Share of "Superfood"

Product launches: top 10 countries
Private Label - Verpackungsmöglichkeit Beipacker

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