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From starters to desserts, our broad product portfolio delivers an ideal solution for every challenge and cooking process. MOGUNTIA Foodservice manufactures high-quality products for:

large-scale kitchen, gastronomy and group catering.

Foodservice offers flavoursome solutions with the best natural ingredients, free from allergens, palm oil and flavour enhancers. In addition to dietary concepts such as vegan and vegetarian, we have also embraced special foods used in care for the elderly. Being part of the family-run MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP, we understand our role as an idea provider and problem solver, not just a supplier. This involves

sustainable innovations and holistic concepts for the delivery of a convincing food service assortment.


The MOGUNTIA Food Service Team will be happy to help you with on-site advice and a comprehensive recipe offering to find an optimal solution for your needs together.


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Advantages of our Food Service products:

As an option, you can order the Food Service products with the following properties:

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’s Foodservice manufactures and supplies high-quality products.

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Salt-reduced foods

In addition to being tasty, food service-quality dishes also have to meet the requirements for a healthy diet.

Reasonable consumption of salt has positive health effects, and people suffering from circulatory insufficiency, high blood pressure or kidney problems should monitor their salt intake very closely.

Interested? We produce and supply salt-reduced foods! You can contact our experts at any time.

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