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European food law is complex and the market does not easily forgive mistakes. In this environment, it is important to have a partner that supports you with analyses and advice when you are in doubt.

Legal consultation

We support you through our knowledge and experience with analyses and consultation in relation to European food law or issues of declaration. From samples, all the way to the completed test report, we coordinate all necessary steps quickly, discreetly and reliably. We can analyse your products without detours in our own accredited laboratory. Then we evaluate the results for you and recommend appropriate actions. We are also happy to simply prepare the declaration tests according to the European or the German food law provisions.
1. Sample taking
2. Analysis
 3. Interpretation of the results
4. Recommendation for action

Analysis of ingredients

1. Analysis
2. Result
3. Evaluation
4. Audit report
We provide you with expert knowledge and scientific analysis, from idea all the way to the marketable product. In our affiliated accredited laboratory we analyse the physical-chemical, chemical, microbiological and sensory composition of raw materials and products. We then evaluate the results in the light of applicable legislation and defined quality requirements. We reliably test the authenticity of mixtures and raw materials in our 1H-NMR laboratory, and we can also determine the origin of fruit juices and spices.

Design & declaration consultancy

Our product designers are happy to create the design for your packaging in accordance with your timescales, meaning you get the complete package from one provider. Based on your requirements, we develop appropriate solutions and take care of the whole development and production process until the final packaging of your products is in our filling plants. With our advice regarding labelling and declaration, for example according to VO (EU) 1169/2011 (LMIV), VO (EG) 1926/2006 (health claims) etc., we ensure your safety. We support you in complying with the various regulations and check which advertising statements you are safe to use.
1. Product specification
2. Development
 3. Sample
4. Final production

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