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Coating is one of the most popular ways of finishing meat, fish and vegetables.  Coatings are used to make a product tastier and more visually appealing, for a crispier mouthfeel or improved shelf life.

In addition to the classic coating for Wiener schnitzel, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers various coatings for different uses.  They include wet coating, dry coating, dough coating and coatings for potato, vegetable, meat and fish products, as well as coatings for snacks and bakery products – gluten-free, seasoned or unseasoned as desired, tailored to the needs of our customers.

We provide coatings which suit your needs

Whether coatings for potato products such as French fries, fish nuggets or doughs for vegetable sticks – we supply an entire range of coatings and co.  Our coatings ensure an optimal and consistent appearance throughout the entire shelf life and are customised to your production needs.  At the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP snack manufacturers, large-scale food producers, industrial and craft businesses, retailers, caterers and convenience stores will find innovative coatings for frozen and chilled foods that stay crispy and look appealing.

Discover our tailor-made coating solutions. Our coating experts will be happy to advise you.

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Coatings for


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Coatings for

Fingerfood & Snacks

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Dairy products

Reasons why we are the best manufacturer & supplier of coatings:

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers also GLUTEN-FREE and EGG-FREE coatings! Ask our experts which coatings do not contain gluten and eggs. Prepare your products with our coatings: The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is your supplier for PANIFIX® and DEKORA® spicy and crispy coatings.

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Our coatings at a glance

Coating for every taste with the crispy coatings from the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.

We offer many coating variants:  Wiener schnitzel, cordon bleu, poultry, fish fingers – coated meat and fish is very popular. 
With MOGUNTIA coatings you can also give cheese, mushrooms or vegetable sticks a crispy coating.  Discover the range of MOGUNTIA coatings.

Seasoned coatings

of the brands PANIFIX® and DEKORA®, ready seasoned

Juice-preserving coatings

Coating and preservation of juice

Gluten-free coatings

Coating without added gluten

Egg-free coatings

Coating with Paniflott wet coating

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3 in 1 | Possible uses of our coatings

Coatings enrich your product offer: Our staff can share ideas and recipes with you.

Our coatings offer wide possibilities of use.  We are your producer and supplier of crispy coatings.  Discover the variety of our coatings. Our coatings can also be combined with liquid spice marinades.

Coating without egg is a sure success

with our DEKORA® Paniflott wet coating

Discover the advantages of wet coating!  With Paniflott wet coating, egg-free coating is possible – perfect for vegan cuisine!

Advantages of our Paniflott wet coating (Art. No. G74600)

And this is how easy it is to use the wet coating of the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP:  Simply pull the product through the Paniflott liquid coating and finish with one of our practical seasoned coatings. Meat juice is absorbed by the Paniflott wet coating, which ensures attractive appearance and facilitates frying.

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Coating for even & quick browning

Panaden - dieses Bild zeigt Chicken Nuggets mit einer schönen braunen und knusprigen Panade

DEKORA® Crispy Gold is ideal for finishing products in an oven or combi steamer and achieving the desired even browning for a fresh-fried look.

Excellent for coated cutlets, poultry nuggets, fish as well as for uncoated meatballs and potatoes.

DEKORA® Crispy Gold (Art. No.  I54760) can be combined with our popular PANIFIX® and DEKORA® seasoned coatings as well as our practical Paniflott wet coating.

Tip for use: Pull the cutlet through the Paniflott wet coating and finish with one of our seasoned coatings.  Place the coated cutlets on an oven rack and sprinkle with the crispy gold coating.  Cooking until they get golden brown.

Are you looking for a manufacturer & supplier of high-quality coatings?

Then you have come to the right place!  We are your competent manufacturer and supplier of tasty coatings!  Our field staff and customer service will be happy to advise you.  You can also receive information about our attractive prices and wide product portfolio.  Contact us!

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