Spicy marinades to refine meat, fish, vegetables & fry-ups

Marinaden - auf diesem Bild sieht man ein mariniertes Stück Fleisch

Marinades give a unique flavour to meat, fish and vegetables. They refine meats, give flavour and enhance the appearance of meat products.

In the butcher’s trade and industrial meat production, meat refinement is an important convenience factor. It has also become essential for professional and amateur cooks. With its own product development and production, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is your ideal manufacturer and supplier of marinades.

Marinades for meat, fish and vegetables

As a pioneer in marinades and spiced oils, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is responsible for a number of innovations. In addition to a large number of high-quality marinades for meat, poultry and grilled specialties, our diverse marinade offering also features innovative new marinades for fish, potato products and vegetables.

If you think our marinades are only for the meat, you surely have not heard of our seasoning propositions for potato wedges, wedges, country potatoes, tofu, salad specialties, stir-fried vegetables, fish and seafood. We would be happy to advise you on our marinades for meat-free end products.

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Marinades for


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Reasons why we are the best marinade supplier:

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP manufactures and supplies high-quality marinades.
Make your meat counter a real eye-turner for successful sales with our marinades: Contact us!

Our marinade types at a glance

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers a wide variety: Marinades for every application, taste and occasion – for the industry and trade. This makes us your ideal marinade manufacturer!

Would you like to get an overview of our marinades? If so, contact our Customer Service.

Marinade type 1:

Oil marinade

Marinade type 2:

Liquid spice

Marinade type 3:

Water-in-oil marinade

Marinade type 4:

Dry marinade

Marinaden - auf diesem Bild sieht man eine Auswahl an verschiedenen Marinaden

Type 1 | Oil Marinades

Oil marinades: With its oil-based marinades, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP brings refinement through flavour and a brilliant look to your meat products:

The oil marinades AROMETTE® and DEKORA® Brillant will give a refining touch to your meats with a lasting fresh, glossy and appetising look and excellent taste, brought to you by our great variety of marinades.

Interested? We are your supplier for all types of marinades! Learn more about our oil marinades. You can contact our experts at any time.

Type 2 | LIQUID SPICE: The MARINATING revolution

Learn more our award-wining marinade range

The Marinating Revolution: LIQUID SPICE is part of our premium marinade range:

The Liquid Spice range has facilitated the Marinating Revolution by combining the advantages of dry seasoning and marinating in an innovative way for optimal refinement of premium meats. Liquid Spice brings an appetising glossy touch and premium flavour at high yield. We recommend using only 50 grams per kilogram of meat. For fish and vegetables, even less marinade is used.

Discover our wide variety of marinades. LIQUID SPICE: The MARINATING revolution We are your manufacturer and supplier of choice!

Marinaden - dieses Bild zeigt unser LIQUID SPICE Logo, LIQUID SPICE ist unsere Marke unter der wir verschiedene Marinaden anbieten

LIQUID SPICE in 15 delicious varieties:

G12960 ASIA
G13010 CURRY

G12970 OLYMP


Learn more about LIQUID SPICE. Arrange an appointment with our experts for LIQUID SPICE marinades.
Make us your supplier of choice for the Marinating Revolution.

Advantages of our LIQUID SPICE Marinades

CLEAN-LABEL MARINADES: A high-quality marinade range such as LIQUID SPICE does not need any additives, palm fat, yeast extract or synthetic aromas.

The Marinade Innovation: LIQUID SPICE. There are multiple advantages from the small addition and fine ingredients such as olive oil, truffles, fine herbs, smoked paprika and whiskey:

*FlatSkin® is a registered brand of Sealpac GmbH. Processing depends on application parameters such as temperature profile, raw material, etc.

Marinaden: dieses Bild zeigt einen marinierten Gemüse-Spieß in einer FlatSkin Verpackung

Products marinated with LIQUID SPICE in skin and FlatSkin®* packaging

Did you know that our Liquid Spice marinade stars are ideal for self-service products in Skin and FlatSkin® packaging*? The clear product structure is preserved and is not covered by the marinade film. In addition, with Liquid Spice there is no unappetising loss of fluid at the edges. We deliver the perfect solution for your marinated products in sustainable packaging. An absolute must-have for a modern offer.

*FlatSkin® is a registered brand of Sealpac GmbH. Processing depends on application parameters such as temperature profile, raw material, etc.

Type 3 | Water-in-Oil Marinades / Emulsion Marinades

Marinades - in this picture you can see a pan dish, as our water-in-oil marinade unfolds particularly well

Water-in-oil marinades: Marinating with MOGUNTIA’s emulsion marinades: original taste preserved, appetising appearance, easy to use.

Our water-in-oil marinades DEKORA® and MARINETTE® show their advantages especially on fry-ups and mincemeat dishes. Since they contain water, they have fewer calories than oil marinades. Emulsion marinades also penetrate the meat faster, reducing the marinating time.

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP manufactures and supplies water-in-oil marinades:  Wide variety of marinades. Emulsion marinades for every cuisine and taste. Learn more about our water-in-oil marinades. Request a marinade overview now.

Type 4 | Dry Instant Marinades

Innovative powder marinades with a competitive edge for the export:

To optimise the logistics for marinades, we have developed dry marinades specifically for our exporting customers. These marinades are also adapted to the culinary preferences in the target country, e.g. halal, kosher, free-from, etc.

Dry powder marinades can be delivered to any region around the world, without temperature being an issue. They can also be stored longer than a traditional marinade and mixed as required without a problem.

Advantages of MOGUNTIA’S dry marinades for the export:

Temperature-independent shipping

Long shelf life

Cost-efficient logistics

Can be mixed as required

A wide variety of dry marinades. Learn the details on our practical marinades in powder form. We are your manufacturer and supplier of oil, emulsion and dry marinades, and more.

A variety of marinades for the grill

Our marinades have optimal proportions of herbal and seasoning ingredients. Refine the flavour and appearance of your meats with our spiced oils and marinades.

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S marinades bring variety and authenticity to your grill offer. Discover the marinade highlights for your BBQ offering like the DEKORA® Smokey BBQ Brillant Marinade, the AROMETTE® Spare Ribs Louisiana marinade and our Texas dressing. Our marinades will also refine poultry and vegetables for the grill. Whether smoked-spicy, fruity-exotic or aromatic-peppery, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S marinade stars are a must-have for your meat counter.

How about some sophisticated skewers for the grilling season? In addition to delivering the perfect marinades for an appetising, glossy look without dripping, we also offer a skewer holder and some great recipes for meat, vegetable and fruit skewers – real eye-catchers for your fresh produce counter.

Marinaden: dieses Bild zeigt einen marinierten Grillspieß in unserem Spießehalter

Dry seasonings with the BBQ trend from the USA: Rubs

Fleischer Rubs: indispensable during the grilling season

Rubs are the ultimate BBQ trend: dry spices to rub into the meat. They originate in the USA – the home country of the BBQ. However, amateur chefs and more proficient grilling enthusiasts around the world have embraced this trend. Us too. Discover the ultimate goodness for the grill with Fleischer Rubs.

Rubs for grilled meat: The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a manufacturer and supplier.

BBQ Rubs - auf diesem Bild sieht man unser BBQ Rub in der Sorte Kräuter-Kiste

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality marinades?

Look no further, you have just found one! We are your expert manufacturer and supplier of flavoursome marinades! Our field service and Customer Service will be happy to advise you. You will also receive information on attractive prices and our wide product portfolio. Contact us!

Marinaden - auf diesem Bild sieht man mariniertes Fleisch und Gemüse