The best aromas for your foods

Aromen - auf diesem Bild sieht man

The right taste is the most important thing for enjoying food, and it can even bring back memories. The typical taste of a food is brought out through aromas, extracts, smell and colour.

Aromas and extracts are used in a variety of ways in the production of foods and luxury foods: for meat products, convenience and delicatessen items, dairy products and snacks.

Reasons why we are the best aroma producer:

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP manufactures and supplies high-quality aromas.
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Aromas are used in standardising meat products and foods of all kinds. Get to know KNOBLAN®, ZWIEBLAN®, FORTEX® and other successful brands of the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP. Also discover PAPRIN®, our paprika extracts and aromas for a natural paprika taste and intense colour. Full concentration aromas. Our highly concentrated aromas are available as liquids and powders. Talk to our experts!

Liquid form:


Powder form:

e.g. SMOOX®, MUSKATIN®, Tyrolean Meat Aroma for foods

Intense taste – this is what aromas are for

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality aromas?

Look no further, you have just found one! We are your manufacturer and supplier for aromas and extracts. Whether for sausage, ham or other meat specialties, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S fine aromas give your products the right taste. Also for meat-free alternatives! Discover the variety of our aromas and extracts. We are your manufacturer and supplier for the right taste. Contact us!

Aromen - auf diesem Bild sieht man unterschiedliche Aromen und Extrakte