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Bratwurst-Gewürze - dieses Bild zeigt kleine Bratwürstchen

The bratwurst is simply part of a summer grill evening, making it the most popular type of sausage in Germany and a real export success. However, there is more to the bratwurst than meets the eye. There are regional taste preferences and differences in production, and international bratwurst specialties are also becoming more and more popular. The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is your manufacturer and supplier for the ideal bratwurst seasoning.

Advantages of our bratwurst seasoning:

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP manufactures and supplies high-quality bratwurst seasoning. Contact us!

Bratwurst-Gewürze - auf diesem Bild sieht man eine aufgeschnittene Bratwurst

A single source for all your bratwurst production needs

With its own product development and production, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is your ideal supplier for bratwurst seasoning. In our bratwurst blends, we have taken into account a variety of regional preferences and international influences.

Whether the traditional Thuringian Rostbratwurst, Bavarian pork sausages, the spicy FeuerLING® or a North African Merguez, we deliver bratwurst spices for every taste. Get the right recipes and anything else you need for your sausage production. Contact us now!

Bratwurst seasoning | Tailored to your production needs

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is your ideal partner and supplier for bratwurst production.
We supply premium-quality bratwurst seasoning with or without flavour enhancers.

Whatever you may need for your bratwurst production, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has it.
We want to be your partner for all things bratwurst.
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Bratwurst expertise: Bratwurst variety

The bratwurst has long been part of Germany’s cultural heritage, and even the original German name Bratwurst is widely used abroad. Among the most popular bratwurst types are classics such as the Nuremberg and Thuringian Rostbratwurst, but also international exotic sausages such as the North African Merguez or the Mediterranean Salsiccia are widely enjoyed at home and abroad. As can be seen, the popular sausage is available in an astonishing diversity. There is certainly truth in saying that there is more to the bratwurst than meets the eye.

The bratwurst has a regional taste identity based on the production process and ingredients. Similarly, the bratwurst types vary in calibre, shape, casing and the grain size of the sausage meat.

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S ingredients bring out the regional taste differences, with a touch of authenticity from our bratwurst seasoning. Our wide seasoning selection leaves no wishes unfulfilled.


Also interested in our weisswurst seasoning?

Wurstgewürze - dieses Bild zeigt Weißwürste mit Brezeln

The weisswurst is probably one of the most famous Munich specialties. It is traditionally enjoyed with sweet mustard, pretzels and wheat beer, now also beyond Bavaria. You can find the right seasoning blends for weisswurst production in the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’s offer. Although the weisswurst is usually associated with Munich, it can also be found in other regions. For instance, the Silesian weisswurst is a delicacy enjoyed at Christmas time. On the other hand, the Polish white sausage is traditionally served for the Easter breakfast in Poland.

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality bratwurst seasoning?

Our bratwurst seasoning are a perfect match for your products. Whether a coarse, fine, raw or scalded bratwurst, a classic bratwurst or one with an international flavour, we have the right ingredients for your bratwurst and weisswurst production needs. Get to know our wide range of products for sausage production.

Bratwurst-Gewürz - auf diesem Bild sieht man Bratwürstchen in der Pfanne