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Convenience-Produkte: dieses Bild zeigt eine Schüssel mit Chili von Carne

Eating should be made convenient, comfortable and fast. On top of that, the daily nutrition should be tasty, varied and healthy. This is where convenience food comes into play. The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has shown that good convenience products and instant meals can now taste as good as homemade. They offer a variety of applications, such as snacks and to-go foods, and are indispensable for system catering.

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Reasons why we are the best supplier for convenience products:

The convenience trend continues unabated and is catered to by the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP in a particularly wide variety across all national cuisines. Professional chefs from industries such as hospitality, care and education appreciate our high-quality convenience items.

What types of convenience products are there?

The convenience food offering ranges from partially ready-made to ready-to-eat foods.
Ready-to-eat convenience products can be enjoyed immediately after opening and removing the packaging.

As the name suggests, convenience foods in this category are ready to eat immediately.
For instance, they include ice cream, fruit yoghurt, smoothies and baked goods.

By pros, for pros:

Our convenience products at a glance

Thanks to the long-time cooking experience of our product developers and expert consultants, we are familiar with the special requirements of a professional kitchen. Find an optimal convenience solution for your needs with the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.
We would be happy to advise you on-site on our convenience range.

Ready-made products

e.g. ready-made mixture for goulash

Dry convenience products

e.g. compound for risotto

Wet convenience products

e.g. compound for pasta sauce

Convenience-Produkte: dieses Bild zeigt eine Schale mit Gulasch

Ready-made products

With our ready-made products, the food on your menu will taste like homemade From ready-made mixtures for chilli con carne and bolognese, to goulash, dumplings and gratin, we have the right solution for every taste. And for a more exotic taste, we offer Asia Compounds for the Thai curry and original Asia Sauces. Our ready-to-stir products offer convenience for every taste. They will help you quickly and easily prepare an original dish.

Interested? We are your supplier for all types of ready-made products! Learn more about our product portfolio. You can contact our experts at any time.

Dry convenience products

Whether main meal, side dish or snack – from sweet to savoury… We offer dry compounds for the production of meatless patties and burgers, pre-seasoned risotto, polenta and couscous dishes, but also waffle, pancake and pasta dough, and more.

Hackfleisch-Gewürze: dieses Bild zeigt eine Spaghetti Bolognese

Wet convenience products

Our compounds for wet instant meals such as breakfast soups, hearty soups, pasta sauces and more are easy and convenient to prepare, and taste delicious. As experts in our field, we listen to our customers and offer cuisine-specific compounds for convenience dishes, such as Moroccan, Mexican or Italian-style.

Discover our in-house produced Convenience range. Our Foodservice experts will be happy to give you valuable advice.

Convenience products for gastronomy and group catering

Convenience products have gained importance for large kitchens, gastronomy and group catering, as ready-made convenience help save time when preparing food. As a manufacturer of convenience products, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has taken over certain processing steps to facilitate further preparation. We are your manufacturer and supplier of all types of convenience products. Learn more about the variety of convenience foods.

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Convenience Produkte: dieses Bild zeigt einen Teller mit Nudeln und Tomatensoße