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Döner-Gewürz: dieses Bild zeigt einen Döner

Döner Kebab has established itself as one of the most popular fast food dishes.  Because everyone likes a good Döner kebab. Good meat, right recipe and expertise, technological compounds and spice blends, such as our premium-quality Döner kebab spice are prerequisites for high-quality Döner kebab products.

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP develops and produces authentic Döner spices and individual blends that are perfectly adapted to your processes and target group.

Authentic Döner spice and technological compounds for Döner & co.

As a spice specialist with product scouts at home and abroad, we are your ideal partner for the constantly growing market of Döner and halal products. In addition to a large selection of ready-made Döner spices and customised solutions, we also supply you with the necessary technological compounds and plenty of raw spices with halal quality.

We offer everything for your Döner kebab production:

Döner spice

Technological compound

Raw spices

Döner spice: The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is the right manufacturer and supplier for you!

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Not every spit-roasting dish is a Döner kebab

There is also a kind of “purity order” for Döner products, the so-called guidelines for meat products.  They state that only roughly desinewed mutton and/or beef should be used for a genuine Döner kebab and that the proportion of minced meat must not exceed 60 per cent.  Only salt, spices, onions, oil, eggs, milk and yoghurt are allowed as other ingredients.  No additives are allowed on the finished product.  The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP and its large team of consultants will be happy to advise you on what is important in the production of the popular Döner kebabs and which Döner spice is the right one for you.

Do you have any questions about this topic?  Simply contact our customer service!

Döner slices:

This is actually the most sold rotisserie in German snack bars, because the composition of the components based on additives such as phosphates, citrates or acetates increases the binding on the spit, which reduces costs and increases yield.  Possible meat types for Döner slices are chicken, veal, beef and lamb.  They can sometimes contain a higher proportion of minced meat.

Important criteria for the right compounds are binding power and optimal turning times with maximum water absorption.  In the process of cooking water should remain inside the product.  We recommend our articles TUMBELGOLD 20 plus and TUMBELGOLD 25 plus.

Döner minced meat:

The variant with minced meat has less to do with the original Döner kebab.  Through the addition of breadcrumbs, and also yoghurt and additives, depending on the production method, minced meat is processed into a sluggish mass which is put on spits.

Important criteria for the technological compounds are a high binding power, easy slicing and a mild texture. We recommend our standard product compound for minced meat kebabs.

Clear labelling is important for Döner kebabs & co.

Unfortunately, the authorities often complain about kebabs made from poultry. These may not be called Döner kebabs. This is because the term Döner is clearly defined. We advise you not only on production and taste, but also on questions of claims and labels.  With our kebab experts you can avoid labelling mistakes.

Original Döner kebab with TUMBELGOLD Clean Label 20

With our TUMBELGOLD Clean Label 20 you can produce an original Döner kebab, because the binding is based on sodium carbonate.  As soon as a Döner kebab is on the spit, this compound evaporates and is no longer present in the product.  What is particularly remarkable about this is that there is absolutely no dripping, plus the good binding power and easy cutting – without any additives.

In addition to customised technological compounds, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP also offers the right Döner kebab spice and lots of recipe ideas for kebab and co.  Our Döner kebab experts will be happy to advise you!

Discover our variety of halal products

In addition to the right Döner kebab ingredients, we offer a wide range of certified ingredients for halal products.  We supply marinades, coatings, spice blends, and necessary halal technology for your meat and sausage production as well as vegan/vegetarian products and snacks.

Product features and benefits:

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We supply halal ingredients for bratwurst, sucuk, vegetarian sausages, burgers, nuggets, shawarma, kofta and much more.  Our oriental food experts will be happy to advise you.  We are your supplier for halal ingredients – it is not for without reason that we run a fully automated, purely halal high-tech plant in Kirchbichl, Austria.

Discover our novelties for kebabs, kebabs and co. as well as our starter cultures especially for Sucuk.

Are you looking for a manufacturer & supplier of high-quality Döner spices?

Then you are exactly right with us! We are your competent manufacturer and supplier of tasty kebab spices! Our field service and our customer service will be happy to advise you. You will also receive information about our attractive prices and our extensive product portfolio. Please contact us!

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