BBQ skewer recipes of all kinds - we have something for everyone

Grillspieße Rezepte: dieses Bild zeigt Geflügel Grillspieße

Colourful barbecue skewers not only look appealing, they are also special culinary delicacies.  Whether vegetarian or juicy with meat or fish – skewers can be prepared in many different ways and are a popular treat at every barbecue. We provide you with the right barbecue skewer recipes.

Barbecue skewers bring variety to the BBQ buffet and should be present in every menu.  Meat and vegetable skewers attract attention in the delicatessen counter and generate additional turnover during the barbecue season.

To the skewers, get set, go! Discover our barbecue skewer recipes

Our barbecue skewer recipes will add zest to your counter.  Discover our large selection of recipes for barbecue skewers.
Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to prepare these counter specialities.

Whether with beef, pork or poultry or as a vegetable variant – we not only supply you with the right recipe ideas, but also with all the necessary ingredients. 
From the suitable marinade and the right spice blend, through wooden skewers, to the attention-grabbing placement option – at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP you get everything from one source.

Let our barbecue skewer recipes inspire you:

You can get further recipe ideas for an attractive barbecue skewer directly from us.

Poultry and courgette skewer

Red fire skewer with beef

All ingredients for barbecue skewer specialities from one source

Meat, fish, vegetables and/or fruit pieces make a modern barbecue skewer. We supply all the remaining ingredients!

As a spice specialist we provide:

Pork plaits

Colourful vegetable skewer

Set the scene for your barbecue skewers - with our innovative skewer holder

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP puts the skewer upright:  With our innovative skewer holder food can be presented on a standing skewer.  This upright placement guarantees a new stimulus for meat and vegetable skewers in the counter – because we also eat with our eyes.

• Attractive and eye-catching placement

• Suitable for standard counter trays

• No sticking together of the skewers for a clean look.

Would you like more information about our award-winning counter concept, which also includes our practical barbecue skewer holder? 

Marinaden: dieses Bild zeigt einen marinierten Grillspieß in unserem Spießehalter

Are you looking for new inspiration for your fresh food or meat counter?

Then you have come to the right place!  We are your competent partner and source of ideas for barbecue skewer recipes, for example! Our field staff and customer service will be happy to advise you.  You can also receive information about our attractive prices and wide product portfolio.  Contact us!

Grillspieße Rezepte: dieses Bild zeigt Spieße, die frisch vom Grill kommen