BBQ Season 2021 | Special offers for the export business, but also for the domestic market

True BBQ masters can only laugh when they hear the term „BBQ season“. For them a BBQ is not a summer event, they light the grill in ice and snow. „Especially during Covid times, winter BBQ fun has become a real trend. In the fresh air the distance rules can be easily observed“, says Jens Trautmann, product manager at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP and adds: „The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP responds to this trend towards healthy winter BBQs with a variety of special products and recipe ideas. Please do not hesitate to consult me and my team about it.“ Even if the enjoyment of self-roasted food in the cold months is gaining in importance and the idea of a first and last BBQ of the year is becoming less important, the main sales of BBQ items are made in
spring and summer. „As soon as the temperatures rise, the real BBQ season is under way.

dieses Bild zeigt ein Steak auf einem Grill

A crackling fire, glowing coals, a cool beer and gardens and parks smell of grilled sausages and steaks“, says Stefan Lehnen, export manager at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP enthusiastically and explains the advantages of the internationally active company group: „We have a wide range of products and can offer a varied portfolio in addition to the classic BBQ range. Barbecuing is always in season for us. The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is busy dealing with this topic 365 days a year – on the one hand through special offers such as winter barbecues, but also through worldwide BBQ. We are not dependent on the German weather conditions because there is always a barbecue happening somewhere in the world! Nevertheless we obviously do our best to support measures that will assure a successful BBQ season here in our European home. This happens among other things through intensive communication in the respective associations as well as through direct dialogue with our customers and partners.“

Innovative powder products ensure a competitive advantage in the export business

“In order to optimize the logistics, we developed many years ago so-called dry marinades especially for our export customers, adapted to the customs of the individual country, for example halal, freefrom, etc. These powder products can be sent to all regions of the world regardless of temperature and can easily be stored longer than a classic marinade and can be mixed as needed”, explains Stefan Lehnen, pointing out the advantages of dry marinades that were developed specifically for business abroad.

Since the properties of the powder marinades have turned out to be real competitive advantages in the export business, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers further innovative products of this type:

BBC sauces, cold stirring
Sauces and dips in powder form for every taste and all national cuisines, easily prepared by stirring.

M59378 Mayo compound
For the easy preparation of mayonnaise (without eggs) by adding water and oil or for the preparation of a variety of mayonnaise based dips.

With new product trends the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP whets your appetite for a BBQ

For the BBQ season 2021 the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is presenting a variety of BBQ ideas and concepts. The innovative ideas do not end with the main course, but are complemented by colourful starters for young and old, tasty side dishes like the vegetable and potato stir fry Café de Paris and sweet desserts like whisky pudding and caramelised rice pudding – everything to be prepared on the BBQ at home. Nutritional trends like vegan and vegetarian diets are taken into account as well as the desire for more variety, sustainability and simple preparation.

Vegan and vegetarian BBQ food

The increasing environmental awareness, especially among young consumers favours the trend towards meat free dishes. Vegetarian and vegan products have experienced a real triumph and are no longer a fad. They have arrived in the centre of society. Not only “real” vegetarians and vegans are among the main buyers of meat substitutes, but so-called flexitarians, i.e. people who have a partially meatless diet. Customers who want to restrict their meat consumption, whether for ethical-moral, religious or health reason, but nevertheless do not want to miss out on the pleasure of eating meat, will find a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives in the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP BBQ program.

veganer/vegetarischer Burger: wir bieten auch Würzungen für fleischlose Alternativen an

With the vegan and vegetarian compounds of the family led company group meat free burger patties, but also small sausages, cevapcici and meat free BBQ steaks can be prepared. „The vegetarian or vegan cuisine also relies on variety and imagination“, stresses Stefan Lehnen and continues: „In addition to meat free products, the end consumers want above all pleasure, food purity and the right bite. As meat alternatives are among the categories of products with the
highest chances of growth we provide our partners at home and abroad not only with the suitable products, but also with plenty of recipe ideas for industrial production of the plant-based foods.

Hybrid products – Best of both worlds

The flexitarians who want to restrict their meat consumption for ethical, ecological or health reasons are also increasingly attracting the interest of the product developers. „With our hybrid meat consumers can reduce the meat content of their meals without noticing any loss. Because hybrid-products combine particularly tasty meat with vegetable compounds“, explains Jens Trautmann and adds: „Our innovations rethink the idea of meat consumption. The concept of meat with a high proportion of vegetables can be adapted to burgers, sausages and other minced meat products.” In this way the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP not only responds to the trend towards abstention from meat and a balanced plant based diet, but also to the food-pairing trend, in other words the development of new dishes and taste experiences by „pairing“ different ingredients.

Rubs – Wellness for BBQ food

The top trends for BBQs are so-called rubs – dry spices that are massaged in. Rubs originate in the homeland of BBQs – the USA. Meanwhile, however, the trend has spread all over the world among hobby cooks and professional BBQ chefs. The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers imaginative varieties for the BBQ season 2021, that include the classic BBQ flavours honey-mustard and sweet-smoky, but also up-to-date trends like “hot chilli” and “herb kitchen”.
Rubs are spice compositions made of herbs, spices and sugar that are massaged into the BBQ food, develop a fine aroma when the food is fried or grilled and create a tasty crust. The sugar provides a particular nice taste experience thanks to its caramelizing properties.

BBQ Rub - diese Bild zeigt den ersten Anwendungsschritt unserer BBQ Rubs. Der Rub soll auf dem Grillgut verteilt werden

Spread the rub on the BBQ food

BBQ Rub - dieses Bild zeigt den zweiten Anwendungsschritt unserer Rubs, der Rub muss kräftig einmassiert werden

massage in vigorously

BBQ Rub - dieses Bild zeigt den dritten Anwendungsschritt unserer Rubs, das Fleisch soll noch nach Geschmack gesalzt werden

salt according to taste

Game for game – game is trendy

Consumers are increasingly concerned about where their food comes from, how it was produced and what ingredients it contains. It is no coincidence that sustainable and regional products are becoming more popular with consumers. Wild animals like wild boars, deer and hares grow up in nature and feed mainly on plants and forest fruit – that has a positive effect on the game meat: it is lean, contains omega 3 fatty acids and enjoys increasing popularity among hobby BBQ chefs. „We have always liked to prepare venison in autumn or winter, in combination with mushrooms, onions and dumplings. In addition to the right recipes we have had dark sauces, fonds and Christmas spices needed to prepare stag, rabbit etc. in our range for years.

For the 2021 season we present new concepts for BBQ game, because the fine meat is a real bonus for the BBQ – no matter whether in the form of a game sausage, a steak or a trendy burger“, reveals Stefan Lehnen, who is a passionate hunter himself and therefore likes to explore the many ways of cooking game in his free time.

Increased use of webinars for the export business in the times of travel restrictions

In Covid times personal exchange can be difficult, in particular with sales partners and customers abroad. The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has been taking a new approach for the last months and has set up virtual workshops, so-called webinars. „We all know that workshops are indispensable for collaboration with our customers and for the transfer of knowledge to them. And although we are looking forward to meeting again soon face to face, we have found out that in the times of contact bans, collaboration can also take place virtually.

Together with our partners and customers abroad we have had good experiences with our webinars“, reports Stefan Lehnen as he talks about his experiences with virtual product training in times of Covid19 and adds: „Since the travel restrictions will no doubt continue for quite a while in the New Year, we are currently running webinars on the topic BBQ 2021. That way our export customers are well prepared for the BBQ seasons in their countries.”

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