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Culinary adventures with the MOGUNTIA Food Trends

Once the new season arrives and life moves outside, more sunny hours are spent outdoors. Barbecue fans are already looking forward to preparing various delicious dishes on the grill with their loved ones and discovering new flavor techniques.
The MOGUNTIA Food Trends offer the perfect opportunity to discover the culinary world by simply enjoying special barbecue delights from different regions at home. By using trendy spices & marinades, tasty and affordable dishes can be created to give international BBQ flavours and a touch of holiday feeling.

However, the barbecue is often reduced to grilling meat, but the variety of dishes is often underestimated. In fact, a wide variety of dishes can be prepared using the barbecue method: Vegetables, rice, bread and even desserts – everything takes on a special flavor when grilled, especially when combining unique grilling spices & flavors with different grilling techniques.
Ash, charcoal and the fusion of American and Korean BBQ are the keys to new trends today, and there are even more fascinating barbecue techniques from around the world to discover.

The current “Smoke & Fire” trend illustrates the extraordinary diversity of the art of barbecuing. From Binchotan brûlée, which is given a unique and captivating dimension through caramelisation with Japanese charcoal, to flame grilling or smoking & scoring, as well as the use of unconventional elements such as burnt flour to create distinctive flavor combinations. These methods illustrate the constant evolution and creativity in the world of barbecuing and offer a wide range of culinary possibilities for barbecue fans worldwide.

Nevertheless, consumers are craving an authentic holiday feeling without having to leave their homes. With the emerging consumer trend of “Mediterranean exploration“ savoury Mediterranean specialities are increasingly appealing as a way to indulge in a touch of holiday spirit. From Spanish tapas to Greek specialities and popular Italian delicacies, all these culinary delights offer a sense of comfort full of unique flavors that take people on a culinary journey.

In the coming barbecue season, the aromas and flavors of these culinary trends will define our dishes. Spices, marinades, and smoky flavors will provide an aromatic and flavorful experience that not only gives our dishes a special touch, but also expands the dimension of barbecuing.

It’s not just about preparing food, but rather a culinary journey of discovery that allows us to experience this world in all its facets.
In response to these trends, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has developed a range of BBQ products designed to put the modern art of barbecuing even more centre stage.

AROMETTE® Alabama Bacon | M428610

With the new “AROMETTE® Alabama Bacon | M428610”, MOGUNTIA offers a marinade with traditional Alabama southern flair, whose original use as a sauce has been converted. Thanks to its strong bacon note and subtle smoky nuances, this marinade is the perfect basis for individual American BBQ styles and impresses with its distinctive sweet and sour flavor.

AROMETTE® Bianco Verde | M428910

With the aim of creating a strong original Italian flavor with a distinctive bright white appearance that will be a real eye-catcher on your counter, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is introducing another new marinade. By combining a broad cheese flavor with fresh regional herbs, “AROMETTE® Bianco Verde | M428910” fuses the umami world with the regionality of traditional Italian ingredients. This versatile marinade is perfect not only for meat dishes, but also adds a delicious flavor to vegetables and pasta salads. Let’s try it and start your journey around the world!

“The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is delighted to be launching fascinating new marinades that meet current consumer wishes and trends. Whether Mediterranean or American style – there are no limits to the imagination in barbecuing! With our marinades, you can easily discover and enjoy a variety of flavors this barbecue season. Simply start your culinary journey from home and be inspired by our new barbecue concepts!” says Miguel Rosch, Head of Marketing Germany at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a 4th generation family-run company specialising in a wide range of spices, marinades and sauces. With more than 120 years of experience, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a reliable partner for butchers, food retailers, the meat and food industry and the catering trade. The products are made from high-quality ingredients and are designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

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