Explore the world with BBQ Food Trends:
This year two themes are merging, sensory exploration with food and food bringing people togther

As temperatures rise, grills are being unpacked and BBQ fans are getting ready for the season. BBQ has long been a popular way to enjoy good food and good company, and this year is no exception. In fact, BBQ is more popular than ever, with a growing interest in international cuisines and new flavor combinations.
BBQ is so popular because it’s more than just a way to cook food. It’s an experience that brings people together and creates a sense of community. Whether it’s a casual get-together with friends or a large family gathering, BBQ is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the company of others.
This year, two consumer trends are taking center stage: “Relaxed Eating” and “Sensory Exploration. The first is about reconnecting with loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere and sharing good food. People want to enjoy their lives, and what better way to do that than with friends and food. The second consumer trend provides an answer to the aftereffects of Corona by stimulating other senses and working with strong flavors that can help combat the loss of taste and smell. All senses can be used: visual, taste, touch and even auditory!

In response to these trends, MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has developed a range of BBQ products to stimulate creativity in the kitchen and help people discover new flavors and cuisines. This year’s BBQ trend cuisines include Mediterranean, American and East Asian cuisines.

Our solutions at a glance

AROMETTE® Latin-Mediterranean Peppers | M4255 10

This season, Mediterranean cuisine attracts us with fresh and healthy ingredients and gives us the typical vacation feeling while eating. In addition, the combination of herbs & sour gives a new balance of taste. With the marinade “AROMETTE® Latin-Mediterranean Peppers”, MOGUNTIA is inspired by the Latin American parrilla peppers cooked over fire with a European fusion twist.

Smokey BBQ Sauce | G73930

American cuisine is the classic BBQ, forming a fusion of food without restrictions and numerous regional American BBQ styles. There is a lot of use of different smoking techniques and strong flavors that add that special something to the meat. With the “Smokey BBQ Sauce”, MOGUNTIA offers the perfect interplay of pronounced smoky notes and slightly fruity, as well as sweet and sour flavors.

AROMETTE® South Asian Jiao Yan | M4256 10

The newcomer in the BBQ trend cuisine is the East Asian cuisine. It comes with an extra portion of spice and citrus fruits and quickly finds favor with consumers due to its fresh, tasty and colorful appearance. Here, MOGUNTIA offers the “AROMETTE® South Asian Jiao Yan” marinade, inspired by the traditional Chinese Jiao Yan spice mixture of salt and pepper and spiced up with coriander, ginger and a hint of citrus.

With the new barbecue season upon us, MOGUNTIA is excited to help people create memorable experiences with their loved ones. Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a large family gathering, our products are perfect for exploring new flavors and experiencing different cultures while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere with family and friends,” comments Miguel Kempnich, Head of Marketing Germany at MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP

MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a family-run company in its 4th generation, specializing in spices, marinades and sauces with a wide range of products. With more than 100 years of experience, MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a reliable partner for the butcher trade, the food retail, the meat & food industry, as well as the gastronomy. The products are made from high quality ingredients and are designed to stimulate creativity in the kitchen.

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