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Bring on the game – hearty meals for autumn and winter

Warm soups and mushrooms return to the menu, as the year ends. The hunting season has started and because of this, the desire for regional venison recipes has returned. The perfect sides for the luxury meat are mushrooms, onions, and dumplings. The right sauces and stocks should not be missing either.

Dietmar Dressel, product manager of MOGUNTIA FOOD SERVICES, knows how delicious venison meat is prepared and which products go with it.

“The correct and coordinated seasoning is an essential element in the preparation of venison. It can enhance the flavour of venison, or soften or harmonise the taste,” explains Dietmar Dressel.

Wild: dieses Bild zeigt ein leckeres Stück Wildfleisch

For braising venison stew or as an infusion for roast venison, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP recommends its CLASSIC® basic stock for venison, which already contains the appropriate seasoning components.

“If you like, you can enhance the earthy venison flavour with table horseradish or soften it with cranberries,” says Dietmar Dressel, who has the perfect tip for quickly preparing a delicious sauce in the venison season: “Our creamy CUISINOR® game sauce with a strong hint of juniper and rosemary.”

The MOGUNTIA range for the venison season is rounded off by other convenience products that are sure to succeed, such as Fix for game goulash, Fix for bread dumplings, the matching CUISINOR® brand wild mushroom soup and a whole range of authentic spice mixtures from the family-run company.



Products based around goose dishes

Whether as a St. Martin’s Day goose or Christmas feast – elegant goose dishes are synonymous with the winter season and are used to treat family and friends. Crispy goose leg and festive stuffed goose are classics in the cold season. Their ideal companions are potato dumplings, a hearty sauce, and delicious spices.

“Our CUISINOR® Jus for goose and duck is characterised by a pleasant poultry flavour with a sour apple note and the typical spices such as mug wort and rosemary. A hint of orange, rounds off the flavour profile”, enthuses Dietmar Dressel, Product Manager of MOGUNTIA FOOD SERVICES.

Further fitting products for poultry recipes can be found in spices specialist MOGUNTIA’s product range.

Wildfleisch im Topf
Feldsalat mit Kartoffeldressing

The new harvest is here – the star: potatoes

The harvest season reaches its peak in late summer and autumn and flows into the harvest festival. Traditional dishes are served, in which seasonal products, particularly the potato, play a major role.

There are many reasons for the MOGUNTIA FOOD SERVICE to focus on the potatoes at the end of the year and to supply its customers with new recipe ideas focusing on the potato.

A new addition to our product range: DRESSY® Powder Potato-herb dressing – a tasty composition of strained potatoes and fine herbs. The potato and herb dressing with its pleasant acidity makes every fresh salad a delicacy and can be used in a variety of ways. “A special highlight is lamb’s lettuce with bacon cubes and our new dressing,” enthuses Dietmar Dressel and adds: “The powder form makes a high-yielding potato and herb dressing, and the professional user saves a lot of storage space compared to liquid products. This provides a great advantage against the rising transport and packaging costs. In addition, it is flexible in use and preparation, e.g., in the catering trade when there is an unexpectedly high demand, the dressing can be mixed as needed at any time.”

DRESSY® powder potato-herb dressing is also free from allergens and additives and therefore essential for a contemporary offer.

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