Original Pepperoni Pizza

Original Pepperoni Pizza is a real bestseller! Interested customers find the perfect production formula, the right starter culture, matching maturing compounds and seasoning mixtures for the manufacture of the authentic salami for Pizza Pepperoni at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP. The company group’s new flyer also explains how the typical mistakes: cupping, burning and oiling out – can be avoided in the production process.

In the English-speaking world, pepperoni does not mean green and red chili peppers, which is what the word refers to in the German speaking countries, but a pepperoni sausage or chili salami. This is why the popular pizza, which is topped with spicy salami in addition to cheese, is called Pizza Pepperoni.

Neonschild Original Pepperoni Pizza

However, pepperoni is not only a popular topping for the Germans‘ favourite fast food dish, the product also has a big growth in sales due to its versatility. For example, there are pepperoni as snack salami, as pepperoni-sandwich, as a topping in salad counters and in retail packaging as a topping on bread. The savory fermented sausage benefits, among other things, from the increasing importance of the fast food chains that offer pizza, filled baguettes and various salads, but also from the current run on frozen pizzas and meat snacks, which has been intensified by the closings of restaurants and canteens due to the corona virus.

New in the range: Pepperoni Liquid Seasoning

„In addition to good meat and a little salt, the right starter culture, authentic seasoning and a ripening additive are required to produce the original pepperoni“, says Konrad Höffmann, head of product development at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP and recommends „FixSTART®, as well as our newly developed liquid seasoning Pepperoni without smoke in combination with the matching ripening additive Pepperoni – for shorter ripening times, the reduction of hygienic risks, standardized weight loss and the prevention of production errors.“

For customers who prefer to use dry seasonings, the company group carries further products for a well-rounded taste profile.

In a detailed flyer from the spice specialist MOGUNTIA the complete production process starting with the necessary equipment and the right ingredients all the way to production and maturation is thoroughly explained. In addition, the internationally active company group shares the best tips to avoid possible mistakes such as an excessively high pH-value after fermentation, an unsightly oil leak (oiling out) as well as burning or cupping of the edges when the pizza is in the oven.

„The modular system with all necessary ingredients from the same house speaks for the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP as the right partner for the production of sausages. Because in addition to the perfect formula for pepperoni, we offer technological support on site with our own well-trained team of technologists“, says Konrad Höffmann and adds: „in this way our customers benefit from efficient processes, optimal product safety and tailor-made solutions that are perfectly adapted to their needs and processes.”

Pepperoni Salami Pizza






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