Green from Brand to Action –

MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP takes stock of sustainable achievements

Green is not just a color; it is a promise deeply embedded in the DNA of the Moguntia Food Group.

As a sustainability-driven company, we proudly celebrate our iconic green corporate shade, which signifies more than just an aesthetic choice. It symbolizes our deeply rooted and passionate commitment to a sustainable future in the food industry.

From raw material sourcing to product development and supply chain management, environmental consciousness and resource conservation lie at the heart of our strategy. The Moguntia Food Group is dedicated to further promoting these green values and advancing our vision of an eco-friendly future in the food industry.

Today, as we mark Earth Overshoot Day 2023, which arrives a little earlier each year.

It serves as a reminder that it is high time we realize we do not have a Planet B to fall back on.

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate philosophy, encompassing long-term business sustainability with consideration for the economy, environmental protection, social responsibility, and transparent communication with customers and consumers.

Our mission is to inspire the world with quality and taste, but this can only be achieved when our actions are guided by green and sustainable objectives.

So, what have we, at MOGUNTIA, achieved so far?

We are aware that many steps and goals still lie ahead, but we take pride in having initiated this journey towards a greener MOGUNTIA perspective based on our ethical values of environmental respect and development for future generations.

In a time where global warming, CO² emissions reduction, rising costs, or the depletion of our planet’s resources are everyday concerns, we understand that maintaining a positive outlook is not always easy.

Every crisis or difficulty initially presents a negative side. However, there is no situation that cannot also be seen from two perspectives: we at MOGUNTIA view the crisis as a positive opportunity – a chance to change certain things for the better.

Sustainability is a topic we enthusiastically promote and support, and it will continue to be one of our core themes in the years to come.
We look forward to sharing our challenges and successes with you and are excited about the green footprints we will continue to leave behind with the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP!

“The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is eager for future developments in sustainability. A solid and structured work plan is fundamental for us, as only SMART-set goals have long-term success. We know that there is still much to accomplish, but we embrace new challenges with enthusiasm and give our best – for our customers and our planet,” says Nora Ahrens, Sustainability Manager of the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a family-run company in the 4th generation, which has specialised in spices, marinades, and sauces with a wide range of products. With more than 100 years of experience, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a reliable partner for the butcher’s trade, the food retail, the meat & food industry, as well as the gastronomy. The products are made from high-quality ingredients and are designed to stimulate creativity in the kitchen.

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