tailor-made solutions for the prevention of malnutrition

If there is a loss of appetite due to illness or age, this can quickly lead to unwanted weight loss. People suffering from dementia and cancer patients are often affected. But also swallowing difficulties and diseases in the gastrointestinal tract can lead to a temporarily or permanently insufficient intake of calories and vital nutrients. Often, those affected suffer from a reduced quality of life as a result.

“This does not have to be the case”, says Dieter Frenken, Sales Manager Food Service at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP, and adds: “one way to counteract this malnutrition is to provide high-calorie and high-protein food. We have addressed this issue with our energyPLUS range“.  

EnergyPLUS – the ideal supplement for communal catering

Whether savoury and sweet soups in sachets for more variety on the menu while relieving the nursing staff, cold swelling products and high-calorie shakes for flexible and simple portioning or the new and unique savoury porridge food – the products of MOGUNTIA FOOD SERVICE support nursing homes, old people’s homes, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in compensating for nutrient deficiencies. “And this is only possible because the taste of our products is just as convincing as their functionality”, says Dieter Frenken.

With the basic products of the energyPLUS range, existing meals can be usefully supplemented in the manner of a modular system and adapted to the needs of guests and patients. In addition to products for enriching meals to the desired calorie count or for adding vitamins, proteins and other nutrients, there are also energyPLUS basic products for thickening drinks, soups and sauces for people with swallowing difficulties.

Patient having a light meal in her hospital bed
Seniorin mit einem Glas Wasser


In their new flyer on the topic of Prevention of Malnutrition, the family-run MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP not only gives a good overview of its extensive range of products but also convinces with helpful information and tips.

Brand new: Hearty porridge food

Pureed meals are an indispensable part of catering for the elderly. To relieve the kitchen and nursing staff, there are already numerous sweet variants of instant porridge food. “With our new savoury porridge food, we are now bringing more variety to the menu,” promises Dieter Frenken and adds: “Due to its special consistency, our savoury porridge food is not only ideal for people with chewing and swallowing difficulties, but also finds high acceptance among senior citizens due to its delicious taste. The meals are really quick to prepare and so they are available at any time and relieve staff and relatives.”

M0144910 energyPLUS Mushroom Puree Instant Clean Label

Potato-based puree with a distinctive mushroom flavour and a fine cream colour.

M0145010 energyPLUS Garden Vegetable Puree Instant Clean Label

Strong green puree with a variety of garden vegetables and herbs.

M0145110 energyPlus Cauliflower Carrot Puree Instant Clean Label

Mashed potato, cauliflower and carrot with intense flavour. 

Vegetarian high-calorie puree strongly flavoured and enriched with milk protein. 2.0 kg in a practical bucket for individual removal.

Improved wellbeing for people with chewing and swallowing difficulties

Chewing and swallowing difficulties can occur at any age and for a variety of reasons. Causes are, for example, loss of teeth, loss of strength of the chewing muscles or neurological diseases.

Since chewing and swallowing difficulties are considered a risk for malnutrition, it is important to offer people with this limitation a balanced and varied range of food. After all, the joy of eating should be the focus, regardless of a person’s life situation. “Therefore, our products are specially adapted for people with chewing and swallowing difficulties. Our team from the MOGUNTIA FOOD SERVICE will be happy to provide you with detailed information about the products as well as useful tips on how to thicken existing meals and drinks with energyPLUS basic products,” says Dieter Frenken.

Happy patient is holding caregiver for a hand while spending time together

What is malnutrition?

In the case of so-called malnutrition, the body does not have access to all the necessary nutrients such as energy, protein and vitamins in sufficient quantities. The causes can be manifold and range from chewing and swallowing difficulties, tumour diseases and gastrointestinal complaints to depression, poverty and loneliness. As a result of malnutrition, sometimes serious to life-threatening changes in bodily functions become apparent.

In principle, malnutrition can occur at any age, but in Germany, it mainly affects senior citizens. Symptoms of malnutrition develop very gradually, which means that the consequences are often not recognised as such. Tiredness, listlessness, weakness or even unwanted weight loss are dismissed as normal symptoms of old age.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, 25% of the more than 11 million hospital patients are malnourished or at high risk of malnutrition. This corresponds to around 2.8 million people affected.


From starters to desserts – our broad product portfolio offers the perfect solution for every challenge and every kitchen process. The MOGUNTIA FOOD SERVICE is a producer of high-quality convenience products for canteen kitchens, gastronomy and communal catering. We offer tasty solutions made from high-quality and natural ingredients – allergen-free, without palm oil and without flavour enhancers. Nutritional premises such as vegan and vegetarian are taken up just as conscientiously as special food forms for catering for the elderly. As part of the family-run MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP, we see ourselves not only as a supplier, but also as a provider of ideas and a problem solver. Therefore, sustainable innovations and holistic concepts are also part of our convincing assortment.

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