The asparagus season is also a great time for cooked ham

MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has the right ingredients ready for the 2021 season

The countdown is on. We can hardly wait, spring finally marks the start of the asparagus season. It is worth waiting until the start of the asparagus season to buy local asparagus. The white and green spears guarantee culinary pleasure that we look forward to months in advance. The low-calorie vegetable is easy to prepare and can be combined with many products. One particular ingredient, however, is the undisputed number 1: cooked ham

„The perfect accompaniment for asparagus is juicy cooked ham“, says Michael Kolze, product manager for the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP, and continues enthusiastically: „No matter whether rolled up in classic style, in an omelette or in gratin – the whole family loves asparagus with cooked ham.“

To ensure that the asparagus season, and with it the peak season for cooked ham, is a complete success for its customers from the butcher’s trade, industry and food service, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP presents suitable products and plenty of tips.

Kochschinken und Spargel

NEW: PÖKELFIT® P DUO SUPER – for optimal juiciness and solid slice cohesion

The brand new golden-yellow injection agent PÖKELFIT® P DUO SUPER manages completely without flavour enhancers and is therefore indispensable in modern cooked ham production.

“Based on diphosphate for optimal water binding and sodium ascorbate, which guarantees the appealing cured red for a long time, the new cooked ham spray is particularly suitable for the production of traditional cooked ham, farmer’s ham and toast ham”, says master butcher and meat sommelier Michael Kolze, explaining the advantages of the new product at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.


INNOVATIVE: The GRIDMASTER® system for a perfect result

To guarantee a flawless end product, Michael Kolze recommends the use of the so-called GRIDMASTER® moulds and foils: “Our GRIDMASTER® system achieves a uniform cut pattern with as few blanks as possible, and in addition, unnecessary air holes are prevented.

The moulds consist of two parts: a lower part for inserting the ham pieces and an upper lid part, which is removable and supported by springs in such a way that the contact pressure is distributed evenly during moulding, thus preventing air pockets. The honeycomb tiling of the GRIDMASTER® moulds means that commercially available thermostats can be used to check the core temperature. By using intermediate trays, cooked cured products can also be produced in a half-moon shape.”

Another plus point is the wide range of seasonings for the outside of the ham, that can be applied as foils to the cooked ham and firmly mesh with it by using the GRIDMASTER® moulds, so that the individual seasoning crust also sticks during slicing. 

For practically every taste and for seasonal highlights, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers a wide range of seasoning foils such as pumpkin seed, chives, hay flower, pepper and also asparagus. They have a high permeability for water vapour with a good barrier effect in order to preserve the aroma substances holistically in the ham.

“The application of the films is really straightforward,” reveals Michael Kolze and explains: “The GRIDMASTER® moulds are first lined with an uncoated film, which consists of regenerated cellulose film with excellent transparency and gloss. Then the seasoning foil is placed on top of this foil and the ham parts are placed in it.”

You can find more information on the GRIDMASTER® system and matching recipe ideas at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.

Schinken mit Würzfolie

Fine sauces to go with asparagus – for end customers and foodservice

For preparation at home as well as for the foodservice sector, the family-run MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has the right sauces for the Queen of Vegetables and her Prince of Cooked Ham. For example sauces from the FLEISCHER range that are for sale to consumers as well as in professional containers for the kitchen and party service.

PERLET® Sauce Hollandaise

The creamy butter sauce with homemade taste not only crowns asparagus. The granules can be perfectly dosed and are without colourings, flavour enhancers and preservatives. PERLET® is easy to process even in large quantities thanks to its super fast solubility. You can find more information about the PERLET® range at 

Besides the classic sauce Hollandaise the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers a particularly fruity alternative in a variety of container sizes: lemon butter sauce. The fine butter sauce with the light acidity of lemon crowns asparagus and is equally ideal with poultry and fish dishes.

For suitable recipe ideas, tips and the appropriate ingredients for the asparagus and cooked ham season the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP team is always at your disposal.

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