The golden counter - how summery & fresh inspirations can refine your counter offer.

As temperatures rise, more sunny hours are spent outdoors, and barbecue fans prepare for the start of the season with their loved ones. This summer, innovative flavours and tastes are dominating our dishes.

Spices, marinades and aromas create a fragrant and flavoursome experience, giving our dishes that certain something. These elements hold significance in cooking, transforming dishes into cherished memories that forge subconscious links between smells, tastes, and emotions. These memories resurface with the onset of a new season and the reacquaintance of familiar scents, evoking a profound sense of connection and familiarity.

Through the consumer trend “Sensory Discoveries” & “Relaxed Eating without a Rush with Friends and Family“, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has a mission to craft an unforgettable summer experience. Their aim is to curate an exciting summer collection featuring appetising flavours, refreshing tastes, and vibrant marinades and spice blends that enhance dishes and serve as appealing decorations. Placing the customer’s shopping experience at the forefront, they seek to spark interest by offering options with intriguing and attractive visual appeal.

With a focus on creating an immersive journey, MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP invites customers to embark on a summery exploration, where consumers can forge new memories and indulge in the pure pleasure of eating, even during the shopping experience itself. By stimulating the senses and fostering a joyful ambiance, they aspire to captivate customers and ignite their enthusiasm for the culinary delights of summer.

In this trend, all available sensory means may be used: visual, gustatory, haptic and even acoustic – nothing is excluded!

For this reason, it is also important to offer a summer counter that fulfils these dimensions as much as possible: colourful spices and fragrant marinades make it possible to rediscover and be surprised by popular and familiar dishes through an interesting look and attractive aroma.

In this new culinary era, food goes beyond mere sustenance; it should also surprise customers and ignite their curiosity by offering diverse and unexpected flavors. To meet this goal, MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP puts the consumer in the centre and offers marinades and spice blends that create colourful culinary memories – helping people to enjoy discovering new flavours and cuisines.

This year’s trends focus in on Mediterranean, American and East Asian cuisines.

Our solutions at a glance

Garlic Pepper Seasoning Salt  CL | M3632

For the summer ahead, Mediterranean cuisine lures us with fresh and healthy ingredients and gives us a typical holiday feeling when eating. In addition, the combinations of herbs and sour notes allow for a new balance in taste.

With the summer inspiration “Rocket Cream Cheesecake” and the top seller “Garlic Pepper Seasoning Salt  CL“, MOGUNTIA wants to revive new takes on classic dishes – both in the savoury and sweet area, these cream cheesecakes can further develop and visually refresh your counter.

American BBQ Spice | G74020

BBQ has long been a popular way to enjoy good food and good company and this year is no exception.

In fact, BBQ is more popular than ever and with the “American BBQ Spice“, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers a versatile spice blend with a strong and intense flavour, giving a perfect interplay of distinct smoky notes, slightly fruity, and sweet and sour flavours.

AROMETTE® South Asian Jiao Yan | M4256 10

The newcomer within BBQ is East Asian cuisine. It comes with an extra portion of spiciness and citrus fruits and quickly finds favour with consumers due to its fresh, tasty and colourful appearance. Here, MOGUNTIA offers the marinade “AROMETTE® South Asian Jiao Yan“, which was inspired by the traditional Chinese spice mix Jiao Yan made of salt and pepper and spiced up South Asian with coriander, ginger and a hint of citrus fruits.

“The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is looking forward to the start of the new summer season by offering our customers many new culinary inspirations for their counters. It is especially important to us to emphasise the experience and the memories that are created by eating together with friends and family. This experience can already be awakened at the counter when shopping, when working with new, colourful products and concepts,” says Miguel Kempnich, Head of Marketing Germany at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a family-run company in the 4th generation, which has specialised in spices, marinades, and sauces with a wide range of products. With more than 100 years of experience, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a reliable partner for the butcher’s trade, the food retail, the meat & food industry, as well as the gastronomy. The products are made from high-quality ingredients and are designed to stimulate creativity in the kitchen.

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