Our minced meat seasoning adds flavour to your minced meat products

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When we think of minced meat, the first thing that comes to mind are spicy fried meatballs, the traditional meatloaf or the forever alive burger trend. Minced meat dishes take many forms across international cuisines: cevapcici, minced meat doner, chilli con carne, shepherd’s pie, spaghetti bolognese and many other. Discover our seasoning or spices for minced and chopped meat.

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is your supplier for minced meat seasoning

Being highly popular, minced meat products should not be missing from your offer. Add the right spice with our selection of minced meat seasoning. We make seasoning blends for the production of minced meat products of all kinds, such as minced pork, burger patties and meatballs.

In our minced meat seasoning range, you will find both pure seasoning blends and complete preparations.

Pure seasoning blends // flavour

These minced meat seasonings bring out the authentic taste of your minced meat products. Whether home-made meatballs, spicy burger patties or Thuringian minced pork, our minced meat seasoning is a perfect match to deliver the right flavour.

Complete preparations // flavour and application

These blends make use of the right technology to deliver the right flavour, e.g. for improving structure and binding.

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Our top brand for minced meat seasoning:

FRIKELLE® – complete preparations for fried meatballs

Under the FRIKELLE® brand, you will find carefully selected products that can be simply pre-soaked in water and mixed with minced meat. In addition to seasoning and salt, these complete preparations for minced meat also contain breading.

Interested? We are your supplier for minced meat seasoning of all types! Learn more about our FRIKELLE® products. You can contact our experts at any time.

Banjalucki Cevapcici BH

a complete preparations for cevapcici

Our minced meat seasoning range also includes Banjalucki Cevapcici BH, where BH stands for Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a complete preparation bringing technology and seasoning together.

The taste is an authentic Balkan flavour with a smoky touch for the typical grill smoke aroma.

Minced meat seasoning for every taste and production process! In addition to our cevapcici seasoning preparation, discover other seasoning blends and complete preparations for your minced meat products.

Hackfleisch-Gewürz: auf diesem Bild sieht man Cevapcici, dafür haben wir ein Komplett Präparat

Burger & Co. – the trend continues

We deliver the right minced meat seasoning for your burger patties

Hackfleisch-Gewürz: dieses Bild zeigt einen Hamburger

The burger has been a success story in recent years and is probably one of the most popular products made from minced meat. While formerly associated strictly with fast food, gourmet and premium burgers are now offered in upscale restaurants for a number of years. Ready-made minced meat patties and buns also make for some delicious burger creations in the home kitchen.

Burger patties should not be missing from your offer. And we deliver the right seasoning for your popular minced meat products! Order a minced meat seasoning for your specific needs now!

An ideal alternative to the traditional minced pork: Butcher’s mince

Butcher’s mince is an ideal alternative to the traditional minced pork, bringing in additional sales in the breakfast and party service business of a butchery. Preparation is made extremely easy with the  MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S new seasoning sauce for the butcher’s mince:

Mince 700 g of pork and/or beef to 2-3 mm and mix with 300 g of the seasoning sauce for the butcher’s mince.

The thick sauce has a fruity and tomatoey taste with a hint of freshness and a piquant flavour of the famous Worcestershire sauce. With just a few ingredients, butcher’s mince can be easily prepared in Mediterranean or Canadian style for an attractive counter offer.

Item no. M4610 24

Seasoning sauce for butcher’s mince

1.8 kg in a handy stand-up pouch

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We also offer seasoning for vegan and vegetarian minced meat alternatives

veganer/vegetarischer Burger: wir bieten auch Würzungen für fleischlose Alternativen an

For those who wish to reduce their meat intake while preserving the enjoyment of food, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP has prepared a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan alternatives. For example, combine our compound for vegan mince with our minced meat seasoning for delicious meatless burger patties, fried meatballs or cevapcici.

Learn more about our offer of vegan and vegetarian mince products from our experts!

Meat enjoyment redefined

Are you familiar with hybrid meat?

Flexitarians, i.e. people who wish to reduce their meat intake for ethical, ecological or health reasons, have been increasingly in the focus of our product designers.

With our hybrid meat offer, consumers can do just that, without noticing a reduced meat content in their meals, as hybrid products combine the particularly flavoursome meat with plant-based compounds. Our innovations have redefined the enjoyment of meat. The concept of combining meat with a large proportion of vegetables can be applied to burgers, sausages and other mince products.

Convenience blends for popular mince dishes

In addition to our minced meat seasoning, we also produce condiments and compounds for ready-made mince meals and meatless alternatives. Learn more about our seasoning compounds for chilli con/sin carne, spaghetti bolognese, etc.

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Hackfleisch-Gewürze: dieses Bild zeigt eine Spaghetti Bolognese

Sell more thanks to our products

Expand your range with end-user products for minced meat dishes as a superb offering for the home kitchen or the dinner table.

Order instant solutions for spaghetti bolognese, mince seasoning salt and more for extra sales at your front counter.

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of minced meat seasoning

Look no further, you have just found one! We are your expert manufacturer and supplier of flavoursome minced meat seasonings ! Our field service and Customer Service will be happy to advise you. You will also receive information on attractive prices and our wide product portfolio. Contact us!