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Herbs and spices add variety and flavour.  For the spicy note in your sauce, the lemony taste on your fish, colourful peppercorn on your grilled steak or for the Mediterranean herb touch on your potato dish – as a spice specialist with a long tradition and decades of experience, we are your ideal supplier for herb and spice blends.

Our product scouts follow the trends of tomorrow around the world. In our in-house technical centre we experiment with precious spices, both on our own and on behalf of our customers, in order to create market-driven products for our customers in the meat and food industry as well as butchers, retail and food service.

Reasons why we are the best supplier of herb and spice blends:

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality herb blends.
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The difference between decorative spices and delicatessen spices

Decorative spices:
Besides the taste, the appearance plays a central role. The composition of fine and coarse spices creates the characteristic image. Taste and appearance will convince you.  Decorative spices usually contain little or no salt.

Delicatessen spices:
Primarily used for flavouring.  In addition to the typical spice character, they also provide the appropriate amount of salt. Delicatessen spices are specially designed for one use, cooking method or type of meat.  Typical examples of these convenience blends are our roast potato seasoning salt and our fish seasoning.

Exotic spices for Asian cuisine, seasonings for meat, fish and vegetables or natural herb blends for soups, dips and ready meals.  With us you will find the right seasoning ingredients for fantastic taste experience – precisely tailored to your requirements and production processes.

Generate additional turnover with the right seasoning. We offer fine spice blends, strong spice salts, spice products, fresh herb blends and much more. The composition of our spice products is harmoniously balanced, so that you can achieve the desired authentic taste of the end product.

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is your professional direct supplier for the perfect taste. The quality and technological sophistication of our products offer you the highest level of safety.

Talk to our spice experts! We will be happy to advise you.

Herb and spice blends for food of all kinds

Are you looking for herbs and spices that will give your customers a taste of your products?  Then we are the right partner for you. Our premium ingredients have been enriching the products of the meat and food industry for over 115 years.

The large selection of herb and spice blends of the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP not only provides an authentic taste but also a characteristic appearance of your specialities, pan dishes, grilled meat, dairy products and much more.

Spice blends for

Meat & sausages

Spice blends for

Fish & seafood

Spice blends for

Cheese & dairy products

Spice blends for

Soups & sauces

Spice blends for

Snacks & Fingerfood

Spice blends for

Vegetables (potatoes...)

Spice blends for meat & sausages

We are your partner when it comes to sausages.  Choose from our large selection of spice blends and compounds for raw sausages, scalded sausages, fried sausages and white sausages, cooked and raw cured products, cooked sausages and much more.  We also supply and develop customised, balanced herb and spice blends for all aspects of traditional and modern meat and sausage production, as well as for meat alternatives.

Spice blends for fish & seafood

The taste of the sea can be wonderfully refined with our herb and spice blends. Get to know our spice compositions for fish processing or develop new spice concepts for more taste in the end product with our experts.

Spice blends for cheese & dairy products

Dairy products and their vegetable alternatives are given a subtle or intense flavour with our tested herb blends, depending on the end product and customer requirements.  Are you looking for the right seasoning for your fresh, soft or semi-hard cheese or for cottage cheese and dips?  We will be happy to assist you.

Spice blends for soups & sauces

A warming soup like at your grandma’s or a trendy guacamole dip for the barbecue buffet – our herbs and spices bring the right taste to your soups, stews, dips and sauces.  Our aromatic vegetable blends, fine herbs and selected spices provide the desired flavour. Let us work together to make the taste of your products visible and tangible.

Spice blends for snacks & finger food

Let us convince you of the culinary diversity of our snack seasonings.  Our spice blends for snacks and finger food not only impress with their taste, but they also facilitate processing.  The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers individual solutions that are adapted to your production processes.  Onion rings, pizza, crisps, mozzarella sticks and other trendy products – we are happy to support you with the right ingredients.

Spice blends for vegetables & potato products

From cultivation to delivery, we rely on the best quality for our herb and spice blends.  Discover the secret of seasoning for all kinds of vegetable and potato products.  We produce customised spice creations for fried potatoes, French fries, grated patties, vegetable gratins, fritters and much more. Whether chilled, fried, baked or roasted – we offer the optimal solutions for different processes.

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Garlic pepper | the all-rounder for perfect seasoning!

Garlic pepper is the all-round spice in the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP range.  The universal spice blend is used wherever a Mediterranean note is desired.  Our garlic pepper is a strong composition of fine pepper, herbs and spices as well as aromatic garlic.

The exquisite garlic pepper is used to pre-season all kinds of meat, fish, vegetables and other products, and to flavour sauces, dips and salads.

Are you looking for a manufacturer & supplier of high quality spice blends?

Then you are exactly right with us! We are your competent manufacturer and supplier of tasty herb and spice mixtures! Our field service and our customer service will be happy to advise you. You will also receive information about our attractive prices and our extensive product portfolio. Please contact us!

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