Garlic pepper – the allrounder for a perfect flavour!

Koblauch-Pfeffer - auf diesem Bild sieht man Knoblauch und Pfefferkörner

Garlic pepper is an all-round spice in the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S range. This universal blend is the right choice for a Mediterranean touch.

Our garlic pepper is an intense blend of fine pepper, herbs, spices and aromatic garlic.

The exquisite garlic pepper is ideal for all kinds of meat, fish, vegetables and more, and for adding a finishing touch to sauces, dips and salads.

Advantages of the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S garlic pepper:

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Garlic pepper | Made for your specific needs:

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S range includes garlic pepper made specifically for a variety of needs and uses:

1) Our product portfolio includes garlic pepper with and without flavour enhancers.

2) We have garlic pepper with and without juice loss stopper* in our range.

*The garlic pepper with juice loss stopper prevents your meats from losing juice even when stored in the counter for extended periods of time, because the salt contained in the garlic pepper blend is specially coated to unfold its effect only when heated.

Not sure which seasoning blend is the right one for you?

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Garlic pepper

With flavour enhancers

Garlic pepper

Without flavour enhancers

Garlic pepper

With juice loss stopper*

Garlic pepper

Without juice loss stopper*

Knoblauch-Pfeffer: auf diesem Bild sieht man ein Steak, was mit unserem Knoblauch-Pfeffer gewürzt wurde

Pork neck steak with garlic pepper

Recipe with our garlic pepper


100 kg pork neck steak
100 g/kg (10 kg) M7656 ZärterLING® Liquid complete 3D
25 g/kg (2.5 kg) M4260 GRILLETTE® Grill and Roast Spiced Oil CL
15 g/kg (1.5 kg) M3630 Garlic Pepper decorative seasoning salt with juice loss stopper 4)

Production recommendations

1.) Lightly freeze the pork neck, cut into thin slices and mix with M7656 ZärterLING® Liquid until the fluid is absorbed into the meat.
2.) Mix the pork neck slices with the GRILLETTE® Grill + Roast spiced oil and garlic pepper.


1) colourants 1a) colourant (E 124) 2) preservatives 3) antioxidants 4) flavour enhancers 5) sulphurised 6) blackened 7) waxed 8) sweeteners 8a) aspartame (phenylalanine) 9) stabilisers

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Garlic pepper seasoning salt – naturally, without flavour enhancers

Knoblauch-Pfeffer: Dieses Bild zeigt den Gewürzstreuer Knoblauch-Pfeffer der MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP

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Look no further, you have just found one! We are your manufacturer and supplier of flavoursome garlic pepper! Our field service and Customer Service will be happy to advise you. At MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP, we know our way around all things taste. In addition to the flavoursome garlic pepper, we offer a unique selection of raw spices, blend and seasonings, from A for appetite to Z for zesty. Contact us!

dieses Bild zeigt, wie Fleisch mit Knoblauch-Pfeffer gewürzt wird