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Spices bring variety and flavour to the dinner table. They not only give dishes a colourful and spicy touch, but also improve the diners’ well-being and are pleasing to the palate.

Our fine spice blends, intense seasoning salts and savoury preparations are available not only to large customers from the butcher’s trade, food service and industrial food processing segments, but they also come in convenient spice shakers for end customers.

Bring the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S delicious seasoning blends in handy spice shakers to your customers’ home kitchen or dinner table. Grow your sales. Order now from our wide selection of spice shakers!

Advantages of our spice shakers

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP manufactures and supplies high-quality spice shakers.
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Ideal powdered condiment with top ingredients in a handy spice shaker

Love, care and top raw materials are key ingredients in our spice shakers. First and foremost, our seasoning blends deliver the right taste. In addition to the typical spicy touch, they bring in the right amount of salt. The diverse blends in our spice shakers are designed for the specific applications, preparation forms or dishes.

Our spice shakers are clearly named, helping find the right spice for every dish and taste

Spice shakers made by experts – for more sales around the fresh produce counter

Discover our convenience blends: from barbecue seasoning salt, to chips seasoning to onion-and-pepper.
We are your manufacturer and supplier with a large selection of spice shakers.
Offer our spice shakers to your customers for more sales in your butcher’s shop!

Also discover our trendy rubs in handy sachets

They originate in the USA – the home country of the BBQ. However, this trend has been embraced by people around the world. Us too. A dry rub is a dry marinade. This blend of herbs, spices and sugar is rubbed into meat, fish or vegetables. This rubbing technique is used especially on large cuts of meat as well as steaks and fish.

Rubs are seasoning blends containing sugar that are rubbed into the food to be grilled, developing a fine aroma when seared or grilled and creating a tasty dark crust.

Learn more about our seasoning innovations from Fleischer

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Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality spice shakers?

Look no further, you have just found one! We are your expert manufacturer and supplier of flavoursome spice shakers! Our field service and Customer Service will be happy to advise you. You will also receive information on attractive prices and our wide product portfolio. Contact us!

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