With one of Europe’s most modern food plant we are able to deliver to you long-lasting, consistent high quality. Quality is our priority. That is why we do not use additives like flavour enhancers in our production.


It is important to us to treat our environment in a responsible way. That is why we make our contribution for the survival of our planet by using recyclable packaging, to give just one example. We carry responsibility for sustainable success!


Our company offers flavoursome solutions. As a traditional spice company a balanced flavour is of course our top priority. Our spices lend our products a unique characteristic that makes them memorable.

MOGUNTIA was founded in 1903 by Friedrich Buchholz in Mainz on the Rhine. His vision was to standardize the production of sausage and meat products. Our company is a family firm of the 4th generation which is specialized on all areas of food processing. Our broad product range will meet your needs perfectly. You can get from us spices, technological additives, compounds, flavourings, starter cultures, marinades, seasoning oils, clear soups, soups, meat juices, roux, kitchen aids, deserts, fix products, stock cubes and many other things, all high quality and from one provider.


MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP… the name has a historic ring. It’s because in Moguntiacum, a Roman camp at the mouth of the river Main, the spice trade between Rome and the Germanic tribes first began. It made Mainz the oldest hub of the spice trade in Germany.

MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP can also boast historic dimensions in its quite recent development as a spice mill. The company history is characterized by a continual succession of innovations that had a crucial influence on the market. Even the beginning was marked by an idea that was so innovative that it became the foundation of a whole branch of industry. Because the founder of the spice mill, the butcher Friedrich Buchholz, had the bafflingly simple, but brilliant idea of standardizing spice mixtures and setting them down in recipes. The advantages are obvious – consistent quality, easier processes, time savings and safety.

In the year 1903 he founded a spice mill and called it MOGUNTIA. This pioneering deed at the beginning set the course for the development that was to follow; because tradition is also one of the factors that determine the future. As for example the tradition that a company always sets new standards and welcomes new ideas.

The expansion strategy, above all in the Eastern European countries, has made the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP into one of the leading food companies in Europe. MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP products are used for example in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Japan or in the Middle East as much as in Germany or Austria.

It therefore does not come as a surprise that from the power of an idea an independent European company group has arisen that specializes on seasoning foods. Our aim remains to solve problems in food production, because the global markets are getting increasingly complex and that means the demands on the food industry partners are rising too.

With one aim: MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP must continue to set trends for the future in taste, technology and safety.

We are very happy that the Chamber of Commerce in Tyrol has awarded to the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP the title Traditional Tyrolean Company. Flavoursome solutions have been created and produced in the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP factory at the site Kirchbichl since 2001. We are very proud of this award because it is a nice way of emphasizing the concept of tradition in our company.