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Rohwurst-Gewürze: dieses Bild zeigt verschiedene Rohwürste

What would a tea break be without a coarse mettwurst or Mediterranean salami? Unimaginable! Europe has a long tradition of raw sausage production, which is also reflected in the raw sausage varieties. To get the right flavour into your products, you need the right raw sausage seasoning.

As the name suggests, the raw sausage consists of raw meat. Unlike scalded and cooked sausages, raw sausage products are not preserved with the use of heat, but by curing, salting and/or smoking and drying.

For an ideal maturation process, there must be a harmonious interplay of:

Acidification – reddening – gelation – development of flavour – drying

Only the right raw sausage seasoning can bring out the desired flavour. Whether a Hungarian salami, a spicy chorizo or onion mettwurst, enrich your sausage range with the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S raw sausage seasoning. We will gladly advise you!

Advantages of our raw sausage seasoning

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP manufactures and supplies high-quality raw sausage seasoning.
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Raw sausage seasoning made for your specific needs and processes

Our raw sausage seasoning types at a glance

Learn more about our wide selection of raw sausage seasonings. We offer raw sausage seasonings based on saltpetre, nitrite and GDL. Consult our raw sausage experts to find the right seasoning range for your production process.


Nitrate (saltpetre)
can only be transformed into nitrite by bacteria. While this process takes a long time, it allows for the right colour and flavour to develop. The SOL-GEL acidification and the drying is a slow process (approx. 5 weeks, depending on the calibre).

in turn, is transformed into nitric oxide by antioxidants such as ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate for the typical cured red. The SOL-GEL acidification and the drying is a medium-fast process (approx. 3 weeks, depending on the calibre).

Glucono-delta-lactone (GDL)
acidifies immediately, and the raw sausage can even be matured in the cold store.  The SOL-GEL acidification is a rapid process.
The product is firm within 1 to 3 day and ready for sale only after drying and maturing (approx. 5-7 days, depending on the calibre).

Raw sausage drying, at least 15% of the initial weight

Raw sausage seasoning type 1:

Seasoning with nitrate

Raw sausage seasoning type 2:

Seasoning for nitrite production

Raw sausage seasoning type 3:

Seasoning with GDL

Our brands for raw sausage seasonings


Under the SALREIF® brand, we offer raw sausage seasonings and ripening preparations based on saltpetre (nitrate) for naturally ripened, firm raw sausages. These products suit the traditional raw sausage production. Maturation with saltpetre gives a long-matured salami its unmistakable flavour. The end product more than makes up for the long production time.

Learn more about the right starter cultures for the traditional raw sausage production.

Rohwurst-Gewürze: dieses Bild zeigt Salamis


Under the BESSAVIT® brand, we offer raw sausage seasoning and maturing preparations for the traditional raw sausage production with a natural ripening process – made easy and efficient with nitrite curing salt.

The BESSAVIT® raw sausage seasonings harmonise perfectly with our BESSASTART® starter cultures. Learn more here.


Suitable for fast raw sausage production, the FIXREIF® raw sausage seasoning and ripening preparations are a solution for the impatient. Responsible for the acidification are not only the microorganisms, but mainly the GDL, making it work in almost any conditions.

Raw sausages – an overview

In raw sausage production, mainly pork, beef or poultry are used. In addition to raw meat, a raw sausage contains fat, cooking or nitrite curing salt, sugar and the matching raw sausage seasoning, as the latter brings out the authentic taste and the desired spicy touch that defines a raw sausage product.

For raw sausage production, the ingredients are chopped up in a mincer or cutter. Depending on the grain size, we distinction between a fine raw sausage (e.g. teewurst) and coarse raw sausage (e.g. Braunschweiger Mettwurst). The raw sausage can be kept unrefrigerated and is typically consumed raw.

In principle, raw sausages are classified as:

Raw sausages are integral to any sausage offering Enrich your cold meats counter and self-service offer with our practical raw sausage seasonings. We are your manufacturer of raw sausage seasonings with always the right blend for spreadable and firm raw sausages. Get in touch with our sausage experts!

Elements of successful raw sausage production:

Rohwurst-Gewürze: dieses Bild zeigt Cabanossi Würstchen

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is a single source for all your needs: In addition to finely tuned raw sausage seasonings, we also provide the right,  in-house produced starter cultures and sausage casings. Discover our raw sausage programme.

Pepperoni – the raw sausage for pizza and more

In the English-speaking world, pepperoni does not mean green and red chilli peppers, which in our region are known as hot peppers, but a pepperoni sausage or chilli salami. Hence, the popular pizza with cheese and spicy salami is known as pizza pepperoni.

In addition to being a popular fast-food topping in Germany, the pepperoni  is also on the rise thanks to its versatility. For instance, it is available as snack salami, a pepperoni sandwich, a topping in salad bars and as a bread topping packaged for retail. The pepperoni benefits from the increasing importance of the fast food chains that offer pizza, filled baguettes and salads, but also from the current frozen pizza and meat snacks trend.

In addition to quality meat and a little salt, the original pepperoni from the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP needs the right starter culture and pepperoni seasoning, and a maturing agent. On top of a wide selection of dry seasonings for the raw pepperoni sausage, we also offer a liquid condiment for the pepperoni to suit the preferences of our customers with a well-rounded flavour. With a modular system integrating all necessary ingredients available from a single source, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP is the right partner for sausage production.

In addition to the perfect pepperoni formula, we offer technological support on-site with our expert team of process engineers. Learn more about the original pepperoni pizza here:

Rohwurst-Gewürze: dieses Bild zeigt eine Pizza mit Pepperoni-Wurst

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality raw sausage seasoning?

Look no further, you have just found one! We are your expert manufacturer and supplier of flavoursome raw sausage seasoning! Our field service and Customer Service will be happy to advise you. You will also receive information on attractive prices and our wide product portfolio. Contact us!

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