Meat tenderisers: for tender meats We make it easy!

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It takes more than just the right seasoning and taste when it comes to the enjoyment of meat. Tenderness is also an important factor. Meat should not be tough and dry, but tender and agreeable to bite into. Meat tenderisers help keep your meat tender and juicy.

What is a meat tenderiser?

Under the ZärterLING® brand, the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers its meat tenderisers. Discover our ZärterLING® range. It prevents the undesirable loss of the meat juice, keeping the meat tender and juicy. With our meat tenderisers, you can deliver exactly the properties sought after by your customers: a tender and juicy texture of your meat offering.

Do you want your meat even more tender and juicier? Our meat tenderisers keep your meats tender. Order the ZärterLING® meat tenderiser today!

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meat tenderisers

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meat tenderisers

Advantages of meat tenderisers at a glance

Interested? We are your supplier for meat tenderisers! Discover our range. You can contact our experts at any time.

How meat tenderisers work

The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP’S ZärterLING® refining additives loosen the meat structure and soften the fibres, making your meat product not only tender, but also more juicy, not least thanks to the improved water retention.

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How are meat tenderisers used?

Meat tenderisers are easy to apply manually or by tumbling. Cut your meat into steaks, schnitzel, ragout or strips, add a ZärterLING® product and water, and rub it in the liquid has been absorbed. Next, season or marinate as usual. Consult our experts for tips on using our ZärterLING® meat tenderiser in manual and industrial processing. Contact us!

Tender, more tender, ZärterLING®

Meat tenderiser made for your specific needs

We offer LIQUID and POWDERED meat tenderisers to accommodate your production profile.

1.) Powdered meat tenderiser: Supplied in convenient tubular bags, ZärterLING® Powder can be easily stored and mixed even in small quantities without any issues.

2.) Liquid meat tenderiser: The ZärterLING® also comes in the form of a suspension. The ready-to-use mixture means no additional steps are necessary before use.

The ZärterLING® can be weighed and used instantly.
With our new Zärterling liquid 3D 6 kg canister, smaller butcher’s shops can stock up as required to offer a final product with consistent quality at all times.

Powdered meat tenderisers:

ZärterLING® CLA, ZärterLING® Power, ZärterLING® Fruity CLA

Liquid meat tenderisers:

ZärterLING® Power liquid CLA, ZärterLING® liquid complete 3D, ZärterLING® liquid 3D salt-free

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Powdered meat tenderisers

The Classic. A meat refiner with a well-earned reputation for delivering tender, juicy and perfectly fresh meats.

ZärterLING® Power
The Intense. Make your meats exceptionally tender and juicy with this one.

ZärterLING® fruity CL

A meat tenderiser that is completely free from additives? The powdered ZärterLING® fruity CL makes it possible, with the tenderising effect of fruits. The fruit extracts make the meat perfectly tender and retain its juice. The acids in this powdered fruit blend act like additives in other meat tenderisers. Declared as “fruit powder”, as it comes without E-substances.

Discover the ZärterLING® fruity CL for additive-free and tender meats. Our experts will be happy to advise you on our wide selection of meat tenderisers!

Liquid meat tenderisers

ZärterLING® Power liquid CLA
The Liquid. A concentrated liquid meat refiner with pre-dissolved active ingredients. Efficient and quick to use, especially for larger quantities.

ZärterLING® liquid complete 3D – the ready-to-use allrounder
A low-additive meat optimiser with a unique 3D fresh-keeping complex on a natural basis. Citric acid salts make the connective tissue of the meat tender, bringing out a unique texture. This allows you to preserve the quality and tenderness of your meat products until they are enjoyed at home by your customers.

ZärterLING® liquid complete 3D – the ready-to-use allrounder among meat tenderisers with freshness retention. Instantly available for nearly all of your meat applications. For a perfect appearance and tenderness until prepared at home.

ZärterLING® liquid 3D salt-free
Based on the ZärtLING® Liquid complete 3D and salt-free. Ideal for use in combination with seasoned products such as breading or seasoning salt.

We are your supplier for meat tenderisers – made for your specific needs. Tender, more tender, ZärterLING®… Order now!

Are you looking for a manufacturer and supplier of meat tenderisers?

Look no further, you have just found one! We are your expert manufacturer and supplier of meat tenderisers! Our field service and Customer Service will be happy to advise you. You will also receive information on attractive prices and our wide product portfolio. Contact us!

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