The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP stands for a high degree of production safety. We can offer you this level of safety because we select our suppliers and raw materials with great care.  Our company disposes of a network of international contacts, which means that we can source our raw materials globally. This guarantees that the produce is imported directly from the country of origin.

In addition the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP have a sales team in China. This country of origin is one of the most important for us. Our staff are close to the markets and the suppliers. That means that they can get into personal contact with the suppliers and carry out quality controls if necessary.

We have a stable network of sources of information and contacts as well as solid relations to our suppliers, so that we can be informed in time about product fluctuations and shortages on the world market and are able to react to them quickly.

Therefore a continual supply of our customers is assured!


We believe in careful selection of raw materials

Potential suppliers undergo an extensive approval process. The choice of suppliers is made according to a list of approved suppliers that have made it onto the list due to acquisitions (in the case of new products or changing market conditions), recommendations and/or audits. Audits examine whether processes, requirements and guidelines fulfil the necessary standards. The selection criteria for suppliers are: quality/safety, availability, price/ performance ratio, delivery conditions and warranted characteristics.

Before the first delivery, every supplier must be tested and approved by means of document verification through our quality control (certificates, self-disclosures, questionnaires, audit reports).

Good to know:
  • We source our raw materials globally

  • We have a rigorous approval procedure for new suppliers

  • We have our own purchasing team in China

  • We are in constant contact with our suppliers

  • We have global contacts

  • RSPO – palmoil certification

  • Halal – certification

  • Kosher – certification